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It is still expected to launch on time

Apple's Jony Ive is making changes and breaking rules with the development of iOS 7 as the company strays away from work models set in place by former CEO Steve Jobs. 

Apple is working on a massive overhaul of its mobile operating system with the upcoming release of iOS 7. Ive, head of industrial design, is leading the project and will risk delaying the OS' launch if necessary -- something Jobs would have never allowed.

During Jobs' time as CEO from 1997-2011, he was known for pushing to meet deadlines and keeping all departments separate. However, since Jobs' passing in October 2011, things have started changing at Apple.

For starters, Ive was put in charge of software design for iOS 7 -- straying slightly from his normal role in hardware. He has been implementing a lot of changes, and has even ran into internal delays concerning the new OS. 

While Apple still intends to launch iOS 7 on time (which will presumably be around September, as usual), submitting features for testing have exceeded some internal deadlines.

This goes to show that Apple, which once placed more importance on meeting deadlines within individual departments, has changed into a more collaborative environment.

In the past, software and hardware design never really crossed paths at Apple. In fact, a report in March of this year pointed out that Apple's software design team for iOS typically sat in the dark on what the industrial design team was doing, but the two have started collaborating more as of late -- allowing software designers to get an idea of what devices their iOS projects will run on, and also give industrial designers a say in what the software will look like on their hardware.

With this newfound collaboration has come many changes and new ways of doing things at Apple. For instance, iOS 7 is expected to have a "flat" look, closely related to the look of Microsoft 8's live tiles. This is quite a break from the user interface designed under former CEO Steve Jobs, which follows a more glossy and life life look. The new OS loses all that shine and skeuomorphism currently lavished on users. 

There will also be an all-new icon set for Apple’s native apps, and tool bars, tab bars and other interface features will get a fresh design. 

Last month, it was reported that Apple was pulling engineers from OS X 10.9 to finish iOS 7. At that time, it was predicted “Ive’s work is apparently making many people really happy, but will also apparently make rich-texture-loving designers sad.”

Source: Bloomberg

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The "flat " implementation better be good!.
By fteoath64 on 5/3/2013 10:06:45 AM , Rating: 2
"if Apple indeed goes flat (in terms of OS X/iOS UI), I think the move will be mocked and ridiculed by much of the market, even if praised by Apple's most die-hard fans."

This is a big risk for Apple if the target is the iPhone for IOS7, there is a little less than 3 months for beta testing and they really need to check out the public sentiment on the UI to determine if it is going to be positive, negative or neutral. The risk is high for sure. I would think the iPad might get the first beta to "soft test" the UI so as to reduce the "shock factor". (ie implying negative shock effect). A positive shock would certainly be welcomed but can that be guaranteed ?!. Very hard to say until we get a glimpse of the "look-and-feel" of the new UI.
One can safely say, any hint of looking like WP8 tiles and its colouring would be a disaster in the making. Do not go there!.
PS: Android doing 4.3 is giving hints about not rocking the boat as more devices get into 4.2.2 which is almost complete except for UI acceleration.

By ven1ger on 5/7/2013 4:48:53 PM , Rating: 2
What's interesting here is that Apple is going thru a similar cycle when Jobs originally left Apple, things changed and not for the better. Jobs came back, did things the way he wanted and Apple came roaring back. Jobs is gone for good now, and Apple is changing many of the things Jobs put into place that made them successful. How this turns out for Apple in the long run remains to be seen but it doesn't look great from the outside looking in.

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