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Sales are expected to drop 72 percent from 2012 to 2013

Netbooks are seeing their end days, according to a recent report, and the final date to be placed on their grave marker will be 2015. 

A new IHS iSuppli Compute Electronics market tracker report says that netbook sales will continue decreasing significantly until they hit zero in 2015. 

A total of 3.97 million netbooks are expected to be sold in 2013, which is a 72 percent drop from 14.13 million sales in 2012. 

In 2014, this number will continue to fall to 264,000 units, and in 2015 will be zero.

Netbooks, which are small, lightweight and inexpensive laptop computers, made their debut in 2007. They proved to be a good option for those who didn't want to pay for a large and expensive laptop. It was cheap and easy portability, and could perform various tasks despite not being a full-powered laptop.

Netbooks hit their peak in 2010 with 32.14 million sales, but ever since, they've been on the decline. According to the IHS iSuppli report, Apple's iPad tablet plays a large role in the death of the netbook. 

The first iPad was introduced in March 2010, and acted as a powerful, lightweight tablet computer. The new form factor and way of computing attracted customers, leaving netbooks in the dust.

Soon, tablets started coming in all sizes, prices and types of operating systems. They catered to the same customers that netbooks did -- cheaper, lightweight and small computers. 

In regards to the iPad, netbooks still trumped in price. But soon, many other affordable tablets rushed to the scene and pushed netbooks aside entirely. 

The report noted that many notebook OEMs have already terminated production of netbooks at this point. 

As far as the rest of the PC market, the IHS iSuppli report said PC shipments in 2013 will hit about 353.0 million units, up 3 percent from 341.3 million units in 2012. 

Source: iSuppli

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The way of the GAME.
By rippleyaliens on 4/30/2013 5:57:24 PM , Rating: 2
Its just like any other Computer related product.. When released there was MAD Scramble, then once the other side, caught up.
NOT Apple, Samsung, whoever.. BUT once ARM, INTEL, AMD\Nvidia ramped up speed.. The NETbook lost all its luster.

NOT capabilities, but TICK\TOCK.. Make it smaller, make it faster. An inevitable monster. IPad, even with retina display, ROCKS!!!.. BUT once the industry catches up, IE Making something BETTER, Faster, more important-- CHEAPER, it will fail as will.. NOT wishing Demise-- JUST the relentless pursuit for performance..

Whoever thinks that their SAID product will last forever, wether laptop\PC\Phone\Tablet.. IE those folks who dropped $600 on a PHONE, and get bent out of wack 2 years later, when instead of 1-2 cores, we now have 4-8 cores.

Windows is the same monster. Dual PROC workstations (home based), have been Popular since 1999.. IT is now 2013-- AND We are finally getting 2nd and 3rd Generation GAMES that can take advantage of Multi-Proc\CORE Machines. Not soo much that there has been lack of trying, BUT more so- Gaming industries\Business's\People at home.. That %%%% of people finally with MULTI Core's is FINALLY Pushing the Boundary for Software developers to FINALLY Utilize them.

Everything is getting smaller, FASTER, More effecient.. FINALLY.. Netbooks, were and will be forever known, as "A way to get CHEAP computers in the house", ALA 2007.. Tablets=Future, BUT-- Still have a LONG!!! Way to go, before they are the Dominated piece of Tech..LONG WAY..

"We’re Apple. We don’t wear suits. We don’t even own suits." -- Apple CEO Steve Jobs
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