Verbatim's 8cm DL DVD+R
New camcorders are ready to burn dual-layer 8cm discs

Verbatim has just announced that widespread availability of its 8cm "Mini" dual-layer DVD+R media should be available this month.  The smaller discs will burn just fine in a DVD+R DL burner, but the target market is actually for handheld camcorders capable of burning on 8cm media.  Specifically, the new 8cm discs will be perfect for Sony/Matsushita's AVCHD-ready digital camcorders.

8cm dual-layer DVD+Rs are capable of holding approximately 2.6GB.  Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation (MCC) insiders have told DailyTech that dual-side, dual-layer 8cm discs are already in prototype phase -- meaning we could see 5.6GB 8cm discs before the end of the year.  MCC is the parent company for Verbatim.

Like most new MCC/Verbatim discs, the new DVD+R DLs contain Scratch Guard: a light polymer coating that allows players and recorders to access the disc, but makes it more difficult to put surface abrasions on he data layers of the disc.  This is especially important since the target market for these new discs is geared for users who will be inserting and removing the discs from camcorders frequently.

Verbatim's press release insists availability will be this July in packs of 5, but has not announced a price yet.  Verbatim also claims the new Sony and Matushita AVCHD ready to use the 8cm discs will be available later this month, so expect to see some announcements for those devices as well.

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