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Plextor will add to the Blu-ray foray with its first BDR drive

Plextor, Inc. has been one of the leading optical storage device manufacturers since the CD-ROM drive days and has produced some top notch DVD writers in the last few years. It is now time to jump in to yet another optical format; one of two high density formats recently introduced which is Blu-ray.

Plextor will be announcing its PX-B900A which will be capable of writing to single (25GB) and dual layer (50GB) Blu-ray media at 2x speeds as well as Blu-ray rewritable media. The PX-B900A will also feature reading and writing capabilities to your favorite DVD±R at 8x and DVD±R DL at 4x media as well as DVD-RAM media at 5x. There is no mention on the Plextor-Europe website about DVD±RW or CD-R/RW media so we will have to wait for the official press release.

If you all remember a month back LG Electronics introduced a 4x Blu-ray drive which has a 'tentative' launch date of sometime this summer and a cost of around $1000. Pricing on Plextor's Blu-ray drive has yet to be announced but we're assuming it will be around the same mark as all other Blu-ray drives announced have presented the same numbers. The PX-B900A has a September/October launch schedule.

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RE: Archive only
By masher2 on 6/30/2006 11:49:22 AM , Rating: 3
> "Not true. Don't make microsoft look like the good guy."

Don't try to make them look like a bad guy. The fact is, hardware royalty costs constitute the bulk of the costs of a player (a total of nearly $25/player when XP was first released, though its lower now).

Software royalty costs are $2.50 a copy. Considering that Microsoft sells the bulk of Windows copies OEM, at prices that can dip below $25/copy, that's a huge percentage.

Consider also that anyone watching a DVD in Windows obviously has a DVD drive, and has thus ALREADY paid for the full licensing package.

Essentially the DVD consortium wanted to collect the same fees twice. And they wanted to collect full price for both times, all for just giving the consumer a slight advantage in convenience.

I think it's clear who the "bad guy" is here.

> "There were no lawsuits or threats of lawsuits."

There were no lawsuits before Microsoft included a free browser in Windows either. After the fact, though-- lawsuits abounded.

Conceptually, there is no difference between bundling browser services and bundling DVD playback in Windows. The same spectre of legal harrassment exists.

It's amusing to see people simultaneously complain that Windows is anti-competitive bloatware, while also whining about lack of certain features. Such is human nature.

"I f***ing cannot play Halo 2 multiplayer. I cannot do it." -- Bungie Technical Lead Chris Butcher
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