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Another high-density optical media technology in development

Matteris, a two year old Israeli technology company produced by the Technion R&D Foundation's Technology Incubator, is involved in the research and development of a high density storage media and system which can out perform current high-density optical media standards by 20-40x (Blu-ray).

Matteris is working on a holographic medium which will alow over 1 terabyte of data to fit on a single holographic disc. Some may say this is just another form of holographic digital data storage and we may have agreed with that assumption if it wasn't for the mention of using nano-technology. According to the company's filing description:

MATTERIS has developed a proprietary holographic material with an entirely different concept than that of the commonly used photo-polymers. This novel material, based on nano-materials, is far superior to photo-polymers, offering no need for development (process-less material), no shrinkage, reading between recording sessions, daylight safety, higher capacity and many others.

Matteris is utilizing NanoStorage Technologies' holographic storage technology which is based on nano-materials which allows greater durability of the media and also results in the higher storage capacity and transfer rates.

Aside from the 1 terabyte capacity, Matteris' media in development is said to have transfer speeds upwards in the gigabit/sec range which makes this ideal for many applications such as enterprise datacenter storage or future standards of high-definition audio/video content.

Its hard to say whether this holographic storage technology will see the light of day anytime soon, if at all, but every step in the development process is always a good sign of things to come as far as higher density storage and technological advances.

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Holographic storage
By bert williams on 7/10/2006 12:48:56 PM , Rating: 3
InPhase Technologies (, will deliver the first commercial holographic storage product to the market in Q4 '06. The HDS-300R Tapestry (tm) drive will support 300 GB on a disc with 20 MB/s transfer rate. The WORM product is initially aimed at archive applications. It will be followed by an 800 GB RW product in 2008, and a 1.6 TB RW product in 2010.

InPhase has a joint development agreement with its strategic investor, Hitachi Maxell, for holographic media, and has been supplying the entire market with holographic ROM readers and test media for several years. InPhase has agreements with library system vendors, including Masstech Storage, asm, Qstar, and others.

Holographic storage is finally for real, and it is being led by the Longmont, Colorado-based InPhase, which spun out of Bell Labs in 2000.

RE: Holographic storage
By OrSin on 7/10/2006 3:35:59 PM , Rating: 2
In phrase disk are not DVD size. Thye are close to Album size. So I would expect they to be able to do this very soon.

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