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One portable media player to play them all

A new portable media player is expected to hit the market soon that has packed in features and capabilities like no other. The Viliv P2 has been in the eyes of media device enthusiasts for quite some time and now we hear it may see the light of day.

The P2, the successor to the Viliv P1, is a portable media device built on the Microsoft CE platform with an interface based on Mobile Flash Lite 2.0. The product page also lists dual OS booting capabilities with Linux Qtopia as well. The P2 features a 4.3-inch TFT LCD with touch sensitivity as many portable media players now have.

What really grabs our attention is how robust the P2 is in supporting a variety of media formats. Among the list of video formats are h.264, DivX, MPEG 1/2/4, Xvid, WMV 7/8 at 320x240 resolution and WMV 9 at 720x840. The P2 also has the capability to play MP3 and WMA files as many other portable media players have, but the P2 also adds support for OGG, AC3, PCM, and AAC audio formats. The P2 can also display images in JPEG and Bitmap formats with a maximum resolution of 4000x3000 which is way more than anyone should ever need on a 4.3-inch screen, along with support for HTML, PNG, TIFF, and WMF files.

The P2 also doubles as a personal information management device with support for PDF and Microsoft Office files. Additionally, the P2 has audio (AC3 5.1/Stereo) and video (NTSL/PAL, CVBS (S-Video, RGB) outputs according to

Storage options include 20GB or 30GB and the device will have USB 2.0 ports built in for connectivity to a PC as well as a line-in for recording audio. Extra options will include GPS and DMB capabilities which would spice up the deal a bit more. We should expect to see pricing information released as the launch nears. Check back for updates on this extraordinary portable media player.

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Wonder how long battery lasts...
By Furen on 6/29/2006 12:06:04 AM , Rating: 2
Any word on battery life? Also, an I the only one that finds "Viliv" remarkably similar to "Viiv"?

RE: Wonder how long battery lasts...
By Brainonska511 on 6/29/2006 12:26:50 AM , Rating: 2
I thought it said Viiv too, but upon closer inspection, there was an "l" in the middle.

By tuteja1986 on 6/29/2006 4:08:38 AM , Rating: 2
I am so buying this if the battery last more than 4hrs + :)

It looks so cool ; )

RE: Wonder how long battery lasts...
By TomZ on 6/29/2006 9:40:59 AM , Rating: 2
Yea, I agree - the name is confusing - I have a feeling they'll be getting a letter from an Intel attorney in the near future.

By Visk on 6/29/2006 1:04:51 AM , Rating: 2
It looks pretty amazing.

Will this put some competition against the iPod video? Maybe. It appears to be a strong competitor, but like the other guys, battery life and price are the only things I'm worried about now.....and protecting that gorgeous looking screen.

RE: Nice
By Lifted on 6/29/2006 8:54:39 AM , Rating: 2
The above link has the price at about $415 for the cheapest 20GB version to $670 for the GPS version. Add ~$45 to each for 30GB. These are Korean prices though, so it's likely to be a bit more or less in the US and Europe.

As far as battery life, they weren't sure, but

"Battery life 4-7 hours for video, 7-10 for audio (?)"

RE: Nice
By Link on 6/30/2006 10:44:27 AM , Rating: 2
Basic battery last upto 4 hours on video 7 hours on music.
With an optional extended battery, it's 7 hours and 10 hours.
It also has built in DMB(for local TV broadcast) and GPS.

Some hidden features?
By Lifted on 6/29/2006 9:39:16 AM , Rating: 2

"Queue toffee of 1000 woman slaves Oh relation application softwares (charge and free software inclusion)"

RE: Some hidden features?
By soupmoose on 6/29/2006 10:07:09 AM , Rating: 2
"The internal organs elder brother ground green onion DMB of high reception ratio."


RE: Some hidden features?
By dice1111 on 6/29/2006 10:44:35 AM , Rating: 2
"Domestic normal class [mayp] loading (in child butterfly and discussion)"

Amazing add on's...

Portable media player or PDA?
By jebo on 6/29/2006 10:39:25 AM , Rating: 2
For those prices, one could buy a 640x480 PDA. The PDA would definitely lose in the capacity area, but would come with the upside of being a calendar, and etc, they play games, and supporting the latest video codec is merely a matter of downloading the latest video player.

Give me a PDA and a couple big microdrive CF cards, and I think it's a better option than a media player, IMHO.

RE: Portable media player or PDA?
By jebo on 6/29/2006 10:39:59 AM , Rating: 2
Oh...unless A/V outputs and inputs are important to can't get those on a PDA for sure.

RE: Portable media player or PDA?
By Link on 6/30/2006 10:46:59 AM , Rating: 2
The operating system on this gadget is WinCE 5.0 and Linux Topia dual boot. So built-in PDA.

By fanbanlo on 6/29/2006 12:40:27 AM , Rating: 2
what's "mpeg24"?

RE: mpeg24?
By dice1111 on 6/29/2006 10:30:13 AM , Rating: 2
This player is so advanced and feature rich it actually goes forward in time to year 2150 obtain the greatest proprietary media standard they could from M$, which will be so thick with DRM nothing will work with it. :p

Or it could be a typo...

"We live"
By kitchme on 6/29/2006 1:38:54 AM , Rating: 2
It does look very nice. They should put something against it in these pics for the comparison purposes. It looks kind of 'fat'. I also thought it was Viiv. It has a strange pronounciation though - Viliv, if I'm even sure how to pronounce it. And price?

RE: "We live"
By Link on 6/30/2006 10:50:46 AM , Rating: 2
I think "viliv" sounds the same way as "belive". It's combination word from Visual + Live.

My problem with portable media players....
By miahallen on 6/29/2006 8:49:44 AM , Rating: 2 I don't know which one is compatible with my media. This is one of many supporting all of those codecs, and I have all my movies in the XviD format. So this player, and many others SHOULD work for me...but they don't (at least none that I know of).

Am I the only joker who likes to keep my chapters, multiple audio tracks, and subtitles intact? I use the XviD codec yes...but I put my files into the .ogm container so I can maitain my features. I also have my soundtracks all encoded in .ogg form, which this player claims compatability with. Yet of all the ones I've tried, standalone .ogg music files may work, but not .ogg in .ogm

It seems like all the media players with supposed compatibility only work with the .avi container.

OK, I'll get off my soap-box...

By Funksultan on 6/29/2006 9:25:08 AM , Rating: 1
Switch to Divx while you still can. Looking around, the writing is on the wall.

Not trying to knock you off your soap-box, but I have everything encoded to Divx with mp3, and my files work on just about everything nowdays, and momentum is still growing. XviD had it's shot, but it's too far behind now.

Still, nothing exciting in this player for me yet. The Zen Vision is still king of the castle in my book, with market penetration, great battery life, and a reasonable price for a 30 gig version.

Why not
By Danthemanz007 on 6/29/2006 12:31:10 AM , Rating: 2
Why not, free marketing...
Anyone remember the "XP" craze....?

Cowon A2 anybody?
By ZeRoSKiLL on 6/29/2006 7:38:29 PM , Rating: 2
This looks a lot like the Cowon A2.

The A2 gets around 8 hours of video playback though.

"We basically took a look at this situation and said, this is bullshit." -- Newegg Chief Legal Officer Lee Cheng's take on patent troll Soverain

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