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Seventh and Market Street is the stolen iPhone marketplace

Police officers in the San Francisco Bay Area are currently trying to correct a serious, ongoing tech problem -- the stolen iPhone market

San Francisco Police Capt. Joe Garrity described how the cross at Seventh and Market Street in downtown San Francisco is the main place for selling/buying stolen iPhones. 

Since about 48 percent of San Francisco residents use an iPhone, the device has a target on its back for theft. Thieves snatch the iPhones from unsuspecting texters on the street, switch their SIM cards (since carriers block SIMs reported stolen) and run to sell them on Seventh and Market.

According to Lookout, a mobile security firm, the total value of lost or stolen phones in the U.S. is approximately $30 billion a year. Many stolen phones bought here are often resold in other countries to escape being blacklisted by American carriers.

San Francisco police officers say nearly half of all robberies in the city involved smartphones last year. Police would use GPS sensors in stolen iPhones to trace their whereabouts, and most often, the phones would end up on Seventh and Market.

So what are police officers doing about this? Sting operations, where Officer Tom Lee is dressed more "streetlike" in a hoodie, jeans and sneakers and walks the streets of San Francisco with a bag of "stolen" iPhones to sell. He tells potential customers he has iPhones for sale, freshly stolen from the Apple Store, and that they should make him an offer (typically $25-$200). 

The iPhones are borrowed from Apple for the sting operations, and Lee remains unarmed so that potential buyers don't figure out that he's a cop. However, two armed officers are nearby in street clothes to keep an eye on Lee, and more police officers await in an unmarked car down the street. 

Buyers look the iPhones over to make sure they work, and once agreeing to the deal, offer Lee the cash. He accepts, and gives his fellow police officers a signal to make an arrest. 

However, some disagree with this tactic. They say it invites crime rather than prevents it, and punishes unsuspecting buyers who may not be aware that the device is stolen. 

In one case, where Lee once again played a decoy looking to sell iPhones, he forgot to tell the buyer that the iPhone was stolen. So when the buyer was arrested for making a deal, he was later released from the police station -- and got the $100 he paid for the iPhone, too.

Source: Huffington Post

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RE: Lost iPhone?
By retrospooty on 4/30/2013 1:55:57 PM , Rating: 2
"Let's clarify, it's a BIGGER screen, not a better screen. And if you like a larger screen, then I can see that as a worthy feature. IMO, I think it is moronic though. Bigger doesn't mean better. And for a phone, I think it is especially true."

No, it doesnt... Bigger is a matter of preference. Higher res and higher DPI however is what I am talking about and you cant deny that. Hey, do yourself a favor and go try one in your local wireless store. I dare ya.

As for the rest, yes , you are right. If you systematically eliminate every single feature that one platform support that the other doesnt it takes away the point... Hoever, the fact that YOU dont want or need these things means nothing, as the majority of people are buying phones that support these features by a 5 to 1 factor. If you seriously think you can even begin to compare an iPhone to a high end Android from 2013, you need to have your head examined. At best the iPhone5 is a high end fast CPU/GPU phone with an extremely low end feature set.

RE: Lost iPhone?
By JackBurton on 4/30/13, Rating: 0
RE: Lost iPhone?
By retrospooty on 4/30/2013 4:01:30 PM , Rating: 2
" I have seen one at the local store, and I was not impressed. I prefer the calibrated iPhone 5 colors to the blown out SG4. As for DPI, again, you are getting into spec sheet padding when you go past a certain DPI."

Of course you do, but the SG4 isnt exactly what you should be looking at for color calibration. Its amoled which isnt going for that spec, its going for contrast and dark black levels. If you are looking for that, look at the Droid DNA ir HTC One for comparison. And I disagree totally about res and DPI. 300-330 DPI is NOT the end all be all of res. Diminishing returns? Maybe a bit, but better = better and I can see a quality difference from an iPhone5 to an HTC One or DNA as well as being higher res and bigger size.

"As for the rest of your comments, you insist on pretending the Android phones are so advanced, but it still has all the old legacy junk."

Useful feature is useful feature and things like SD card inst legacy because its old. Its been updated. Its current and current high end products ALL have it except for a few and its not just a little useful, its highly useful and its a shame that Apple doesn't have it at least as an option on high end phones. And the vast majority of that list isn't legacy.

"Airplay, iMessage, iCloud (seamless integration), and iTunes Match, come back and talk to me. Until then, you aren't touching Apple's experience."

LOL... OMG, talk about a useless list. Whatever, I get that Apple has a great ecosystem and apps, but Android isnt far behind at all... To me, for a supposed "high end" phone. The iPhone is missing a hell of a lot. I cant even comprehend an OS that support ONE resolution per generation. LOL. 1136x640 that is it, that is all. WOW. Its not exactly pushing the envelope to do one thing one way and have one product. Like I said "No-one can seriously look at an HTC One, Xperia Z, Optimus G pro, GS4, or one of the other high end Android phones from this year and think Apple is in the same league. this list of missing items is simply too large. I can see some people saying they like their iPhone and dont need more, and it works well, and all of their apps are there, so they buy another, but they cant say its a better smartphone or technically in the same ballpark. It's not even close, its not even a debate anymore. The iPhone is a good phone for 1st timers, and the non-technical, as well as people that already have a a ton of ties to the ecosystem and and don't want to change, but that doesn't make it equal"

RE: Lost iPhone?
By JackBurton on 4/30/2013 6:58:29 PM , Rating: 2
I' m not going to comment on your top two responses since I think I've cover them pretty well. However I find your last comments hilarious. AitPlay, iMessage iTunes Match and iCloud are useless? Seriously? Either you have no idea what those features are, are a blind Andriod fanboy and refuse to acknowledge true progress, or are just too cheap to afford a real solution. How about this, you keep fumbling around with your HDMI cables and SD cards, and I'll use wireless audio/video playback and true on demand storage options.

Have a good time with your 2013 phone with 2005 "features." :p

RE: Lost iPhone?
By retrospooty on 4/30/2013 8:41:25 PM , Rating: 3
Lol... You are hilariously clueless.

RE: Lost iPhone?
By JackBurton on 4/30/2013 9:06:35 PM , Rating: 2
lol, it sounds like you can't see the forest from the trees.

RE: Lost iPhone?
By JackBurton on 4/30/2013 9:08:42 PM , Rating: 1
lol, I didn't mean to respond to my own genius posts. :)

RE: Lost iPhone?
By Reclaimer77 on 5/1/2013 7:55:25 PM , Rating: 2
Umm I don't have an Apple TV, I don't use iTunes, and I don't have an iPad. So yeah, those features are literally USELESS to me. They only benefit people who fully invest in Apple's proprietary ecosystem, enveloping themselves further in a walled garden, i.e iDiots.

How about this, you keep fumbling around with your HDMI cables and SD cards, and I'll use wireless audio/video playback and true on demand storage options.

Right because we know EVERYWHERE you go there's an Apple TV and a wireless router and an iTunes client on a Macbook ready to go! Am I right?

Here's the thing, this isn't an either/or. Android phones support the physical connections AND also streaming options. Just because we don't run iCloud, iTunes, and iMessage doesn't mean we're left with no wireless audio/video playback, you fool.

Have a good time with your 2013 phone with 2005 "features." :p

Is it opposite day? Last time I checked the iPhone was the one severely lacking features compared to Android phones.

RE: Lost iPhone?
By FearTec on 5/1/2013 7:32:36 PM , Rating: 2
Amoled is terrible, my galaxy s 3 is all but useless in daylight at 100 percent brightness.

RE: Lost iPhone?
By FearTec on 5/1/2013 7:36:46 PM , Rating: 2
Android apps are way behind apple apps. Most vendors don't even bother adding the same features into the android versions. (WordPress, 1password, 2do for starters).

"We are going to continue to work with them to make sure they understand the reality of the Internet.  A lot of these people don't have Ph.Ds, and they don't have a degree in computer science." -- RIM co-CEO Michael Lazaridis

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