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Spark EV can go 82 miles on full charge

Back in November of last year, Chevrolet started talking up its new Spark electric vehicle. One of the more interesting things that Chevrolet offered up about the small electric vehicle was that it would have impressive performance, being able to reach 60 mph in under 8 seconds.
Chevrolet also announced the retail pricing for the vehicle at $32,495 before the $7500 federal tax credit. After that tax credit is applied, the new Spark EV would sell for under $25,000.
Chevrolet has offered up some additional information about the Spark this week. The EPA estimated electric driving range for the Spark is 82 miles on full charge. The EPA gives the vehicle a combined city/highway fuel economy equivalent of 119MPGe.

Chevrolet says that the Sparky EV could save owners as much as $9,000 in fuel costs over five years.

“Being able to provide our customers with the best overall efficiency of any retail EV has always been a key target for the Spark EV engineering team,” said Pam Fletcher, GM executive chief engineer for electrified vehicles. “We’re poised to deliver to the market an EV that’s not just efficient, but also thrilling to drive thanks to the 400 lb-ft torque output of its electric motor.”

The Spark uses a 21 kWh lithium-ion battery pack that carries an eight-year or 100,000 mile warranty. The Spark will also be the first vehicle to have an option for the SAE combo charger for DC Fast Charging. This charging capability will be available shortly after launch and will allow the Spark EV to recharge to up to 80% of its total capacity in only 20 min. Chevrolet says the vehicle could handle multiple DC Fast Charges each day. Standard charging takes under seven hours using a dedicated 240 V charger. The vehicle comes standard with a 120 V charge cord.
The vehicle is set to go on sale this summer in California and Oregon before a broader rollout at a later date.

Source: GM

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$9000 over 5 years????
By AssBall on 4/25/2013 10:50:57 AM , Rating: -1
Only a parapelegic midget is going to be driving that tiny thing over 250,000 miles in 5 years. That is just ridiculous. Either that or their MPG claim is ridiculous.

RE: $9000 over 5 years????
By KillerNoodle on 4/25/2013 10:56:54 AM , Rating: 2
The sticker clearly states that the numbers are based on 15,000 miles a year.

RE: $9000 over 5 years????
By AssBall on 4/25/2013 2:09:57 PM , Rating: 2
Then how on earth could you save 9k with a 119 mile per gallon car? The estimate is retarded.

RE: $9000 over 5 years????
By mcnabney on 4/25/2013 2:40:51 PM , Rating: 2
Easy, they compare the cost of owning the EV with the cost of owning a Hummer H1.

RE: $9000 over 5 years????
By robert5c on 4/25/2013 2:42:45 PM , Rating: 2
have you even attempted that math?

15,000 x 5 = 75,000 miles
using the 23 mpg average car figure

75,000 ÷ 23 = 3260.9 gallons used
75,000 ÷ 119 = 630.25 equivalent gallons used (also consider as cost of the electricity)

3260.9 - 630.25 = 2630.65 gallons saved, or not used.

2630.65 x $3.50 = $9207.27 dollars not spent, saved.

according to the FTC average price of a new car sold in the US is $30,000, so lets just say similar since depending on what your taxes look like you'll either pay a little less or a little more on this car.

RE: $9000 over 5 years????
By AssBall on 4/25/2013 3:00:52 PM , Rating: 2
Saving more is the new spending less!

Get a grip.

RE: $9000 over 5 years????
By robert5c on 4/25/2013 3:10:45 PM , Rating: 2
to add to the last point about the average car.

i know some say this is a 15k car being sold for 25-32.5k.
i was just trying to show against the baseline average owner how they got their figure.

i think we can safely assume this is should be a better trim then the base $12,995 Chevy Spark, as usually hybrid and EVs try to be. better performance is a plus. so the best comparison may be the EV spark vs gas higher trim at $16,820. With a avg combined figure of 35 you save only $5294.

Therefore up to 75,000 miles if you choose the gas version you do cost less, only after 115,000 miles does the EV potentially save you money.

RE: $9000 over 5 years????
By AssBall on 4/26/2013 4:08:13 PM , Rating: 2
These "Assumptive" savings are ignoring so much though .

Do you commute in Raleigh or Billings. Trust me the maintenance difference on esp light EV's is enormous.

How much do you pay for a a 6hr Charge? How much for gas. What kind of driver are you?

Do you like being shut inside an econobox for 42 hours a year extra (estimated time commuters waste in US cities). (how many dollars is that potentially)?

I'd be surprised if 2% of the people who buy this "save" anything over driving a Corolla.

Estimates based on restricted data are assumptions.

RE: $9000 over 5 years????
By Flunk on 4/25/2013 11:09:14 AM , Rating: 2
The interior space is surprisingly good for a car of it's size. You'd be surprised, I'm 6'4 and I can adequately drive one(the gas version at least), although I'm not sure I would buy one. I can see why people would want one of these as a second car for a two-car family, particularly if they're not very tall.

You are right on one thing though, the MPGe is a ridiculous measurement.

RE: $9000 over 5 years????
By BRB29 on 4/25/2013 11:23:36 AM , Rating: 2
it's a good city car :)
84 miles is more than enough in a day. In DC, a typical day of commute takes 2-3 hours and only about 30 miles or less.

RE: $9000 over 5 years????
By ERROR666 on 4/25/2013 11:39:49 AM , Rating: 2
Do you really think you can get 84 miles out of it in city traffic? Good luck to you. 84 miles are easy going miles on a straight road with minimal wind, at 45-50 mph with no ac, closed windows, etc...
Now, if you sit in trafic for 3 hrs it really doesn't matter how many miles you're doing.. You're still using ac, radio, motor, breaks and steering.

RE: $9000 over 5 years????
By BRB29 on 4/25/2013 11:55:32 AM , Rating: 1
EVs are most efficient in city traffic. Like I've said, there's no city folks that drive more than 50 miles a day unless they're taxi drivers. You can sit for a very long time in an EV before it needs recharging. You might want to do some research first before talking silly.

RE: $9000 over 5 years????
By FITCamaro on 4/25/2013 12:05:09 PM , Rating: 2
You're still using more energy in stop and go as opposed to cruising. Speeding up takes more energy than maintaining speed. Plus when you're not moving, the car is still using power for the radio, AC, and other electronics.

RE: $9000 over 5 years????
By BRB29 on 4/26/2013 9:11:35 AM , Rating: 2

Yes it does but low speed is much more efficient than high speed also. Drag/air resistance is also not a problem at low speed. Most of your energy goes into propelling the actual vehicle instead of pushing the air. EVs also only have 1 gear. For the motor to spin faster, the energy requirements is not linear to motor speed. As the motor spin faster, it actually becomes less efficient.
You don't ever wonder why hybrids gets better city mpg than highway?

Radios and other electronics actually eats up very little energy. AC is actually not as much of a problem as heating.

In EVs, the AC doesn't have to work as hard. There is no engine that heats up the car and there is no piping underneath that also transfer some of that heat into the cabin. The AC itself is in an engine bay that is not hot.

Heating is and has been a problem. In cold environments, you lose some battery capacity already and then you have to use more energy to heat up everything. It takes a lot more energy to heat a cabin from 30F to 70F vs cooling from 95F to 75F.

RE: $9000 over 5 years????
By FITCamaro on 4/25/2013 12:03:19 PM , Rating: 2
I spent just under $1400 in 9 months with my Cruze last year going around 19,000 miles (and using premium fuel btw). So factored out for the year that is around $1900.

So it's possible.

RE: $9000 over 5 years????
By HoosierEngineer5 on 4/25/2013 12:41:46 PM , Rating: 2
If Lutz gets his way, you'll be saving about a million dollars a year in 20 or 30 years.

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