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Fines will be applied to any vehicle that parks in the space without charging

If you've ever pulled into a gas station to fill up your car only to be stymied by someone who filled up their car and then went into the store to shop, you know how irritating it can be to be blocked from refueling. Apparently, Washington EV drivers are fed up with gasoline-powered vehicles using parking spaces in front of malls/shopping centers equipped with electric chargers and specially designated for electric vehicles.

The irritation for many electric vehicle owners is that there is currently no incentive in place to prevent gasoline-powered vehicle drivers from hogging spaces equipped with electric vehicle chargers.
The problem, however, is now being addressed by the Washington State Legislature with a new bill proposed last month that would impose a fine of $124 on drivers who park in a designated charging station without charging a vehicle. Lawmakers in the House approved the fine by a vote of 84-12. The fine had previously been approved by the state Senate and now goes to the governor to be signed into law or vetoed.

The fine won't only apply to gasoline vehicles that park in charging station spaces. Even electric vehicles parked in the charging station space, but not charging will be subject to the $124 fine. The bill also requires charging stations be marked with a vertical sign and green pavement making them marked in a similar method as handicapped spots.

The Obama administration is betting big on advanced powertrain technologies for automobiles, including fully electric vehicles. The administration last week announced a 75 percent increase in funding for vehicle research.

Source: Oregon Live

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RE: I have a question...
By JesterDay on 4/17/2013 2:52:08 PM , Rating: 0
I agree. Why should these EV people get any prefered parking locations? They're not handicapped..well...

I say put a row the furthest out from the stores because MOST of these spots will be why create more premium parking spots that will be empty?

It used to be that that they made 1 or 2 handicapped parking spots at a location and they would hardly ever be there are sometimes 10 or more handicapped spots and they're all filled..that's because everyone is given a "handicapped" status when they're not really handicapped. it's just BS! The govt hands out handicapped stickers like they were candy for begging children. If you're overweight...whoops..not your is your sticker...such crap.

Soon we'll have parking spots for people on food stamps..and people with 3 or more people coming out of a car...or people with iphones only...or homosexual parking only.

/end of rant. :-)

RE: I have a question...
By GTVic on 4/17/2013 4:22:32 PM , Rating: 2
Security for one, the more remote the charging station, the more likely it will be vandalized or stolen.

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