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Bigger penises are especially important to bigger women

While human evolution was initially thought to have stalled, recent studies suggest otherwise. For example a recent Chinese study showed that the Tibetan population developed a series of genes as recently as 3,000 years ago to help deal with low oxygen levels.  So what other ways might mankind be evolving?  That's a topic a number of research teams have begun to actively explore, using the prowess of gene sequencing and other advanced techniques.

I. Big Women Love Big Genitals

Sexual competition is thought to be a key evolutionary driver via natural selection.  A new study by the Australian National University in Canberra eschewed advanced genetic techniques for a lower tech psychological solution.  It exposed 100 Australian women to computer-generated images of potential male "mates" (as in sexual mates) of different physiques, heights, and penis sizes. The women were asked to rate each man.  Researchers both considered the response and the time it took to give it; the researchers reasoned that a long pause before a positive response meant that the women were admiring the particular male form.

penis study
Bigger women were most attacted to bigger penises (click for NSFW version). [Image Source: PNAS]

The researchers then correlated their rankings to the various key traits -- height, physique, and penis size.  The digitally rendered flaccid genitalia (penises) stretched 2 to 5 inches.

The results were intriguing.  Somewhat unexpectedly, the demographic of females with the strong preference for large male genitalia were women who were heavier than expected for their height.  But when viewing heavier males, penis size did not make a major difference in attraction.


Overall, the researchers found that women were attracted to taller, more athletic builds.  And the taller and more athletic the man was, the more important a long penis became to the females.  In other words, the females' general preference was for a tall, athletic male with a long penis.

The findings of the study were published [abstract] in the prestigious peer-reviewed science journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (U.S.).

II. Mankind's Big, Hearty Penises are a Rarity in the Animal World

Professor Brian Mautz, the evolution and sexual preference researcher at the Australian University who led the study acknowledges his study contradicts past studies that showed no correlation between penises size and attraction among females.  But he argues those past studies were prone to bias and self-censorship.  A key weakness, he suggests, in the past studies on the topic was reliance on direct questioning about preferences in an abstract sense, where as the new study relied on direct visuals and measured reactions.

The researcher suggests that penis size likely played an even more important role in natural selection in early humans, who wore less clothing.  Comments Professor Mautz, "Before clothing, the nonretractable human penis would have been conspicuous to potential mates.  Our results support the hypothesis that female mate choice could have driven the evolution of larger penises in humans."

But the professor also says that there are some studies that suggest possible mechanisms to explain why women are attracted to larger penises.  He comments, "Some studies indicate that preference for a larger penis might arise because penis size is associated with higher rates of vaginal orgasm.  [But] regardless of the exact mechanism, however, our results show that female mate choice could have played a role in the evolution of the relatively large human penis."

When Harry Met Sally orgasm
Bigger penises have been linked to higher orgasm rates. [Image Source: Castle Rock Ent.]

This might explain why penises are so large relative to the body size and important, compared to other creatures.  Genitals, in general, are present in many creatures and are thought to have evolved as a means of improving fertilization.  However, many creatures either lose their genitals during mating or have relatively smaller genitals.

Gorilla reclining
Gorilla erect penises are only a quarter of the sizes of humans'. [Image Source: Natural Habitat]

For example, a Gorilla, despite being bulkier than humans has an average erection only 1.25-inches long -- about a fourth of the average human erection length.  And some insects, including honeybees, have penises that explode or break off inside the female after mating.  The broken penis prevents other males from mating with the female.

Humans also differ from their primate ancestors in that they lost spiny bone-like structures found in most other primates’ penises.  In our primate relatives those spiny penis structures help the male penetrate the dried penis secretions of other males to increase the chance of fertilization during a group sex/group mating scenario.

Source: PNAS [abstract]

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