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Elon Musk  (Source:
Tesla will make the announcements next week

Tesla Motors plans to reveal some news about its updated dealer service and the company's Supercharger network next week. 
While the details of these announcements are unclear right now, Tesla CEO Elon Musk has made it clear that service will be completely revamped and made a top priority.
"I'm an engineer, so service is not something that I naturally do," Musk said. "But it's the right thing for the company and I think we have the opportunity to re-engineer service."
As for the Superchargers, it’s likely that the company will be adding more in certain areas as more Model S’ are hitting the roads (and customers would enjoy driving longer distances knowing that Superchargers are plentiful along the way).
Tesla made another announcement earlier this week pertaining to financing. The automaker is partnering with Wells Fargo and U.S. Bank to offer customers more financing options for Tesla’s vehicles.
Tesla has had a pleasant 2013 so far, as the company recently announced that it is shipping over 500 Model S EVs weekly.
It also reported that the company is now profitable thanks to the Model S exceeding sales targets. Tesla Model S sales reached 4,750, which topped the sales outlook of 4,500 posted in the February shareholder letter.
Tesla recently shared another bit of Model S news, this time concerning the battery. The automaker decided not to produce the 40 kWh battery pack because only 5 percent of customers chose that option. Instead, customers will receive a 60 kWh pack.
The only small hiccup in Tesla’s schedule is the delay to production of the Model X. Tesla had hoped to begin production of the vehicle this year, but those plans have been put off until late 2014 (meaning deliveries will likely be pushed to 2015). 

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By flyingpants1 on 4/7/2013 5:11:14 AM , Rating: 2
Let's say average driving is around 15k miles/year. Let's ignore the maintenance costs for now.

An automatic Civic sedan EX costs $21,605:

60 months 3% = $388.21/mo
Gas costs $201.61/mo at 31mpg. This gets worse over time.
That's $590/mo.

A Tesla Model E (future 200-mile EV) costs $30,000 after the federal tax rebate thing (Only $22,500 in West Virginia, apparently). Let's just calculate for a $30k base price for the sake of simplicity:

60 months 3% = $545.80/mo
Electricity cost about $44/mo
That's also $590/mo.

$30k is the magic number. That's when EVs become cheaper to own than ICE cars. When Tesla hits that number with the Model E, there will be an unprecedented explosion in EV sales, and a few years after, they will start to overtake ICE vehicle sales.

EV owners will enjoy ridiculous benefits such as driving 100% for free: Charge to 200 miles at work for free, drive home/back to work in the morning (30-60 miles), repeat. For long road trips, you can simply take breaks every 3 hours at FREE supercharging stations across the entire country. No gas, no noise, no smell, no pollution, no dirt, no oil changes, no gas stations, barely any maintenance required.

How long will it be until Tesla reaches that magic number? Here's some completely biased and retarded napkin math complete with baseless and wild best-case-scenario assumptions for you (sometimes just making stuff up):
-A Toyota Aygo costs $10.5k USD in Europe. Entire cars can be produced for under $10k. Simply swap out the ICE components for an electric drivetrain.
-Model E will be significantly lighter and somewhat slower than Model S, and therefore will use less power. Model E will achieve 200 miles using a 40kWh battery pack.
-$600 per kWh * 40kWh = $24,000.
-It may be possible to get the total price of the Model E under $37,500 right now, let alone in 5 years when the Model E is scheduled for release.

Tesla has basically won the game at this point. Battery prices will only continue to fall. Sure there will be pitfalls along the way, but failing an outright catastrophe, Tesla will win and almost all new cars will be electric within 10-20 years.

"Can anyone tell me what MobileMe is supposed to do?... So why the f*** doesn't it do that?" -- Steve Jobs

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