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Pentagon says interceptor deployment is "just in case" type rollout

In recent months an increasingly bellicose North Korea has defiantly tested intercontinental ballistic missilesblew up trial nuclear warheadsscrapped a sixty-year-old armistice with the U.S. and its southern neighbor, and -- most recently -- restarted a mothballed nuclear reactor used in production of material for nuclear weapons.

As the threats from North Korea increase, the U.S. has deployed a truck-based, radar-driven interceptor missile system to Guam.  According to the U.S. Department of Defense, the system will protect the island territory of the U.S. if North Korea attempts to attack it with a ballistic missile, as threatened.  The Terminal High Altitude Area Defense System (THAADS) fires on a target rocket when it's in its terminal descent phase, plunging towards the defended territory.

The THAADS system is produced by top defense contractor Lockheed Martin Corp. (LMT).

The U.S. has deployed the THAADS interceptor trucks to Guam. 
[Image Source: Lockheed Martin]

While U.S. defense experts doubt North Korea would be able to hit the U.S. mainland with a nuclear missile, Guam -- 2,000 away from the hostile Asian dictatorship -- might be a slightly more feasible target.  Both South Korea and Japan have extensive interceptor systems, which are likely on high alert.

U.S. ally Israel provided the most impressive real-world demonstration of a missile-interception system to date.  Its "Iron Dome" system shot down approximately 9 out of 10 missiles that were headed towards a populated region.  Past interceptor systems used in the Persian Gulf conflicts by the U.S. had lower success rates.

Ballistic missile interception is a more unproven art.  Ballistic missiles are bigger (and hence a bigger target), but are also generally faster than the kind of small rockets Iron Dome or Patriot-missile (U.S.) interceptor systems target. Israel has an interceptor system of its own dubbed Arrow, which the U.S. co-founded and shares technology from.  Fortunately, that system has never been called upon in a real war scenario.

Source: U.S. Department of Defense

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RE: 9 out of 10 ?
By rippleyaliens on 4/10/2013 10:35:09 PM , Rating: 2
I dug your comment.. BUT you speak of only hirishoma level bombs.. If 1 were to hit say, TOKYO.. Well we have 20 Million Dead.. The Bomb, those tiny ones, only had a 2mil diamater kill zone.. with 16,000 tons of tnt. That is a Crater 2 Miles wide. Not deep, but sinze will be airburts.. which makes it kinda worse..

Even 1 Miss, out of 99= Devastation. WAR.. Matters not, will happen. Even if we dont srike.. they Sneak one someplace.. Remember this is a rogue state.. If 1 blew up. World Economic FAILURE, within 10 years. If the USA took a financial hit, from Mortgages.. One could only imagine something hitting like South Korea's Main City.. OR Japan's Tokyo.. How could any Foreign Market survive this. Insurance payements alone would Devestate our Country. AID.. Whatever.. What people fail to remember, all it takes is 1.. 3000 people, 2 BIGGG Buildings, and boom.. Economy took a HIT!! I cant imagine anything bigger..

The worst case scenario is MUCH Worse.. What i wrote above, was BEST CASE..
Worst Case.. Well 1 sub alone, can eliminate North Korea.. 1 Salvo.. Infact only 1 Missile, each armed with 9 Mirvs, with total 300 Megatons.. 1 HIT= China, getting funky,.. They have to.. the Fall out alone..
Markets getting worse.. Money\Suplies \ FOOD.. boom.. Thats how easy it can start.

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