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Samsung phablets will be called Mega

Rumors have been going around that Samsung is getting ready to launch a couple of new devices that would fall into the “phablet” category.

Reports are now indicating that Samsung has changed the name of those devices, calling them the Galaxy Mega line. The Galaxy Mega 5.8 is code-named GT-I9152. So far, rumors indicate that this device will be an Android gadget with a screen measuring – wait for it -- 5.8-inches.

Galaxy Note II
Samsung Galaxy Note II

5.8-inches is certainly a big screen for a smartphone, but the other device Samsung reportedly has up its sleeve is even larger. The second device is called the Galaxy Mega 6.3 and carries the codename GT-I9200. This particular device was previously been rumored to be called the Galaxy Note III.

The Galaxy Mega 5.8 is expected to be offered in white somewhere around the end of May. The Galaxy Mega 6.3 will reportedly come in black and white colors around the middle of June.

Source: Sammobile

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RE: Options are nice
By tng on 4/3/2013 8:05:39 PM , Rating: 2
But you could get a 4G/LTE on a 7" tablet for quite a while now and those sell just fine.
A 7" tablet that you can place calls on? Or is that just for data?

That is the issue that you don't get, IT ALSO FUNCTIONS AS A PHONE! It is not just a tablet.

I know half a dozen of my parents older friends who have a Note simply because it is big and therefore easy for them to read and dial on... That's right, old people that I know love these things, tablets not so much.

RE: Options are nice
By cyberguyz on 4/4/2013 6:28:42 AM , Rating: 2
Just an FYI...

My eyes suck as I am often legally blind.
My fingers are arthritic.
I'm old enough to be classified as one of your parents older friends.

I have a GSG3 (and eventually an SGS4) and can dial it just fine. If I can't, well there is something called voice recognition.

Yes a smaller tablet that can make calls is dandy as long as you don't go trying to hold it up to the side of your head.

And yes, you can make voice and video calls on even a WiFi-only tablet. LTE just gives better performance. Hell, I've even made voice calls on an Apple iPod Touch. It is not so hard.

The days of needing POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service) are going away and being replaced by data-based VoIP services.

RE: Options are nice
By tng on 4/4/2013 7:40:25 AM , Rating: 2
I am glad you are so progressive, but many are not and the Note has been just what they wanted. POTS is still a major part of how they communicate.

By the way, wouldn't Plain Old Telephone Service be classified as a landline? Also why would you want to make a call on an Ipod Touch? In my opinion, there are much easier devices to place calls on.

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