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Gap in fuel efficiency and torque between diesel and gasoline engines is dwindling

Diesel engines are very popular around the world, and are used in both passenger and commercial vehicles due to their efficiency advantages over gasoline engines. In the U.S. passenger vehicle market, they’re largely relegated to heavy-duty pickup trucks (although companies like Volkswagen have maintained a diesel engine lineup for a few decades). 
However, diesel fuel averages roughly $0.36 a gallon more than regular unleaded gasoline in the U.S., which can erase some of the cost advantage.

While many diesel-powered vehicles do have better fuel economy than comparable gasoline vehicles, even that benefit is beginning to disappear. In spite of this, many automakers are preparing to launch diesel-powered cars in the U.S., including GM, Chrysler, and Mazda.

Volkswagen Passat TDI

Detroit News reports that diesel engines in cars no longer have a major advantage in torque and they don't offer significantly better fuel economy. Technology for traditional gasoline engines is improving and the gap in fuel efficiency and torque has vanished due to the proliferation of direct injection and turbocharging.

With this in mind, Ford, Toyota, and Hyundai are staying out of the diesel-powered car market; instead focusing hybrid technology. Hyundai Motor America CEO John Krafcik says that the cost of adding hybrid technology for the consumers about $1,500 compared to a cost of about $5,000 to add diesel power.
"When we ask if consumers are willing to pay that, they ask, 'What are you smoking?'" said Krafcik. "We all have great diesel engines available to us, but gasoline engines are growing."
However, Ford says that it is ready to begin offering diesel-powered cars in the U.S. if there is enough consumer demand

Source: Detroit News

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By paintit77 on 4/4/2013 6:58:32 PM , Rating: 2
I am sorry but this whole article is a lie. The new Ram 2500HD has a Cummins in line 6 diesel that has 865 foot pounds of torque at 1900 RPM. Nothing comes close to that in an engine burning gas. There is no comparison or chance in hell that Gasoline ever catches up to the efficiency of Diesel. It's physics. What has destroyed diesel in the US is the EPA and the Oil Companies as well as the IRS. First it is taxed higher per gallon by 19 cents. Why, because the Feds loose money on the highway tax due to farmers and constructions companies not paying taxes on the fuels. 2nd the EPA. President Bush's EPA destroyed Diesel in 2003 by requiring Exhaust recirculating and made the manufacturers install DEF to convert nitrogen oxide to nitrogen. It kills the efficiency. 3rd the Oil Companies tied the price of the fuel to Heating Olil demand. Hence raising the price of the fuel even further. It's great.

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