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Some analysts have even mentioned that this suggests the overall failure of the OS

If Windows 8 Pro and Windows RT are siblings, it would be fair to say that Windows 8 Pro would be considered the "good" son with decent grades and a football scholarship while Windows RT is the trouble-maker that parents tell their daughters to stay away from. 

Windows RT-based tablets have seen significant price drops recently, and analysts believe its because user demand for the operating system has been low. Some analysts have even mentioned that this suggests the overall failure of the OS, and that it will likely fade away entirely over time -- allowing Windows 8 Pro to shine on its own. 

"I think you're seeing discounting based on user demand. I never thought RT was going to be that successful," said Jack Gold, principal analyst at J. Gold Associates. "RT will fade away over time. It's not a full Windows 8 experience. That said, why wouldn't I spend more and get a full Pro version of the device?" 

Some examples of major price drops include the Dell XPS 10 tablet with Windows RT, which launched at $500 for the 32GB and is now $450. The 64GB model launched at $599 and is now $499. 


Dell isn't the only one seeing price cuts. ASUS' VivoTab RT launched at $599 and is now available on Amazon for only $382 for 32GB. Newegg has even listed this device as "discontinued."

Lenovo is offering a seven-day deal where its IdeaPad Yoga 11 will be available for just $599 -- down from the original $799 price. Amazon sells the model for just $499.

At this point, many device makers are likely looking to clear their inventory of the Windows RT tablets by lowering prices and focusing on other operating systems. 

Microsoft has kept its Surface with Windows RT tablet price the same (starts at $499) but adoption of the device has been pretty disappointing so far. A Bloomberg source anonymously revealed that Microsoft has sold 1.5 million Surface tablets to date. More specifically, the company has sold a little over a million Surface with Windows RT tablets and about 400,000 Surface with Windows Pro tablets.

However, recent news suggests that Microsoft is directing its Surface tablets toward the enterprise now after seeing lukewarm consumer sales. It's starting to market the Surface with Windows RT as a tablet, but Surface with Windows 8 Pro as a PC. Likely, businesses will adopt the PC workhorse over the tablet that doesn't even provide a full experience of the OS. 

Despite criticism of Windows RT, Microsoft has been defending its baby and denying rumors that it will die off. 

Source: TechWorld

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RE: High prices have been the problem
By ResStellarum on 4/3/2013 12:02:57 PM , Rating: 1
WinRT is far more functional than the iPad. Sure, they have more apps, but the WinRT base OS is far more sophisticated.

Then it isn't more functional. Apps provide the real functionality for tablets, without them it's just a paperweight.

Currently RT has virtually no apps worth mentioning. And if that wasn't bad enough, it's not compatible with the phone version, thus developers would have to develop and maintain two different code trees for Microsoft's mobile platform. That's why RT, Phone 8, and Windows 8's metro front end will fail, pure and simple. And that's without even addressing the other failings like only being able to run one browser - IE, the limited core features compared with Android, or the numerous other complaints.

I'd be surprised if Microsoft doesn't just scrap metro altogether and go back to the desktop and the start button. If they don't, not only will they waste an absurd amount of resources on a destined to fail touch friendly mobile platform, but they'll completely isolate their bread and butter consumer and enterprise PC customers, not to mention their OEM partners.

As far as the iPad is concerned, are you really comparing Microsoft and Apple on a 1:1 basis? Apple has brand magic, not to mention a huge app store and developer community, while Microsoft is almost universally loathed and is on a rapid downward trajectory to irrelevance. So no, Microsoft can't afford to price their tablets the same as the iPad, not even if RT and Metro had the same quantity and quality app store, core functionality, and thriving developer community, which they don't.

Microsoft's trying to compete with Apple when it can't. Android is Microsoft's only competitor, and Windows 8 is a shambles compared to that.

By dgingerich on 4/3/2013 2:21:30 PM , Rating: 3
Currently RT has virtually no apps worth mentioning.

eh, wrong. There are apps. Granted, not a ton, but how many different versions of Sudoku and angry birds do you need?

I have these apps installed on mine:

SSH terminal emulator
Remote Desktop
Dragon's blade
GPS Satellite

That's not counting the ones included with it: Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Mail, Weather, Skydrive, and IE. I'm not a real big fan of IE, but it does actually work.

The neat part of WinRT is that it will run many of the apps written for Win8, at least those written with .Net 4. .Net is a scripted, non-compiled language, so it is platform independent. While the only platform so far to support it has been x86 Windows, now we have WinRT which also runs those apps. That's how I got the SSH Terminal Client.

The app situation in WinRT isn't as bad as you think.

The biggest reason people aren't developing on MS's .Net platform is the hypocritical view that somehow MS is the "big evil corporation taking our money" while Apple is the liberal love land, despite the fact Apple overcharges for the hardware and software and use the ridiculously stupid loyalty of their customers to rake in the money, all while pillaging their app developers' pockets with terrible royalties, while MS has been operating at much lower net profit and fostering a much more fair market.

Someday, I certainly hope the iDiots will come to their senses and see Apple for what they really are and the market will balance out better.

"Spreading the rumors, it's very easy because the people who write about Apple want that story, and you can claim its credible because you spoke to someone at Apple." -- Investment guru Jim Cramer

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