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The reactor has been closed since 2007

North Korea has decided to restart an old nuclear reactor for both electricity and military purposes.

The country wants to reactivate a nuclear reactor at the Yongbyon nuclear plant. The 5MW reactor is aged (from the Soviet era) and has been closed since 2007. It shut down due to one of its cooling towers blowing up.

According to North Korea's leader Kim Jong-un, this isn't necessarily an effort to create a confrontation with the United States. Rather, the nuclear weapons would serve as a deterrent to ensure North Korea's safety. 

"Our nuclear strength is a reliable war deterrent and a guarantee to protect our sovereignty," Kim said. "It is on the basis of a strong nuclear strength that peace and prosperity can exist and so can the happiness of people's lives."

It's unclear whether North Korea's grid is even connected to the nuclear plant for electricity purposes. 

This news comes at a very sensitive time, as North Korea's foreign minister threatened to nuke the U.S. last month amid tensions between the countries.

"Since the United States is about to ignite a nuclear war, we will be exercising our right to preemptive nuclear attack against the headquarters of the aggressor in order to protect our supreme interest,"it said at the time.

China has grown tired of North Korea's behavior as well, and even 
imposed harsh sanctions on the country. Under the new sanctions, China and others who trade with North Korea can no longer define what a luxury item is -- meaning that many items such as yachts, luxury automobiles, and certain jewelry are now banned.

China was hoping to start denuclearization talks with North Korea soon, but with this recent news, it looks like that effort may not make any progress. A foreign ministry spokesman in Beijing made note that China is against North Korea restarting the nuclear reactor. 

North Korea has been conducting nuclear tests over the years, which the UN has frowned on. T
he first North Korean nuclear test in 2006 was under 1 kiloton and the second in 2009 was about 2-7 kilotons. The third, which occurred this past February, measured "approximately several kilotons."

It's unclear how long it will take to restart the nuclear reactor. 

Source: Reuters

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Hey NK
By Ammohunt on 4/2/2013 11:33:28 AM , Rating: 2
Shit or get off the pot! lets get this ball rolling 60 years of this nonsense is enough! you will not get your concessions.

RE: Hey NK
By Lord 666 on 4/2/2013 12:40:31 PM , Rating: 2
Agreed, but don't forget that Iran is going to crash this party. Not to mention Sugar Daddy China rolling up.

RE: Hey NK
By Ammohunt on 4/2/2013 2:29:56 PM , Rating: 2
With any other president i wouldn't be too concerned with China getting into this fight like they did before. Either way i am positive they won't be stoked by having a southern neighbor being spanked like a spoiled child.

RE: Hey NK
By Flunk on 4/2/2013 3:51:30 PM , Rating: 3
I don't think China cares about American politics. Red president, blue president, they could care less. If they feel like the US is bullying their neighboring counties unfairly they're going to be there.

But if North Korea keeps going down this road China is going to take them out themselves. The last thing they need is a foreign power with nuclear capacity and unstable leadership right on their border.

RE: Hey NK
By Ammohunt on 4/2/2013 3:56:06 PM , Rating: 3
Don't misjudge they are kindred spirits both government will do anything to stay in power. As for the current administration its more along the lines of the complete lack of foreign policy Libya was a disaster all around.

RE: Hey NK
By Adonlude on 4/5/2013 11:42:41 AM , Rating: 3
I vote we send N Korea some of our missile technology, right on top of that nuclear plant, a couple times.

I live on the west coast and as far as I am concerned a threat has been made against my life by N Korea.

RE: Hey NK
By Lord 666 on 4/2/2013 4:07:25 PM , Rating: 2
NK's "illogical" behavior is more than likely a ploy for something else.

Reminds me of when my hockey coach in HS gave me $20 to start a fight with someone during free skate when he was a rink guard. Coach got to kick out the person he didn't like and I got $20.

Thinking "gang initiation" for foreign rulers. Start a fight with the US to join the club.

RE: Hey NK
By Solandri on 4/2/2013 4:34:05 PM , Rating: 2
NK's "illogical" behavior is more than likely a ploy for something else.

Well duh. They got 50,000 tons of fuel oil from the West for shutting down this site in 2007. If they restart it again, they probably figure they can get more concessions from the West for shutting it down again in the future.

Basically a thug threatened to break our store windows with a baseball bat, so we paid to buy his baseball bat from him along with his promise that he wouldn't do it again. And now he's decided to break his promise and go buy a new bat so he can threaten us again.

I'd say the thug has a pretty smart business model, and we're the ones behaving illogically. It isn't sufficient to get them to shut the plant down down. You have to include provisions/incentives for keeping it shut down.

RE: Hey NK
By Justin Time on 4/2/2013 5:04:31 PM , Rating: 3
'they COULDN'T care less'

"If you can find a PS3 anywhere in North America that's been on shelves for more than five minutes, I'll give you 1,200 bucks for it." -- SCEA President Jack Tretton

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