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Apple is moving on from its severed relationship with Samsung

Apple has brought a new iPad mini supplier onboard, knocking other dominant touch panel makers like Samsung down a peg.

Apple has made Innolux Corp., a Taiwanese LCD panel maker, one of its iPad mini touch panel suppliers. LG and AU Optronics Corp. are the other two major iPad mini suppliers of touch panels. 

Innolux is currently in the midst of obtaining a certificate for product qualification from Apple. Innolux plans to ship its first batch of touch panels using its touch-on-display tech by the end of 2013. 

Samsung used to be a major LCD panel supplier for Apple's iPhones and iPads, but in October 2012, Samsung Display officially severed its contract with the iDevice maker. Samsung cited cost as the main issue, since Apple has started using Samsung competitors with better prices for displays recently. Hence, Apple was expecting bigger discounts from Samsung.

Source: Taipei Times

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RE: Cheap Crap
By TakinYourPoints on 4/1/2013 10:46:57 PM , Rating: 2
Also niche?? Yeah pretty sure Samsung sells more top-end phones than Apple, nice try.

Pretty sure you're wrong. The GS3 sold less than the over year old iPhone 4S last quarter, and the iPhone 5 outsold the total number of GS3s sold months ago.

High end smartphones like the GS3 and GN2 make up only a quarter of Samsung's total smartphone sales, most of which are low end devices. The difference between Samsung selling 60 million phones a quarter and Apple selling 50 million phones a quarter is that Apple only sells high end devices.

Its a niche.

As the iPad Mini and many products before it prove, there are people who buy up Apple products in droves simply because it's an Apple.

Apps and smooth performance also help. Put an iPad and something else side by side and the advantages to consumers are very clear.

lmao I like how you pretend there's some objective scientific "ranking" for such a metric. Whatever, this is silliness.

Of course there are objective scientific rankings, benchmarks and tests with hardware calibrators. Even without those you can just go on any website that has made visual comparison, it is obvious to anyone with eyeballs.

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