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But some of the countries are relatively small markets

Microsoft Corp. (MSFT) was quick to seize on good news from market analytics firm International Data Corp.'s (IDC) survey of international phone sales.  While the report unsurprisingly showed Android to be the king of virtually every region, the report showed that in some nations Windows Phones are outselling Apple, Inc.'s (AAPL) iPhone.

But before Apple fans explode with indignation, yes there is a catch.  Windows Phone outsold the iPhone in a smattering of emerging markets, where the high price of Apple's trendy phone is probably a barrier to sales success.  In total Windows Phone led the iPhone in Argentina, India, Poland, Russia, South Africa, Ukraine, and "rest of central and eastern Europe".

The success in India is a pretty big deal because that's going to be a huge smartphone market.  But other regions like Ukraine, South Africa, and "rest of... Europe" (smaller countries) are all markets of 100,000 or less smartphone units annually.

Lumia 520
The Lumia 520 [Image Source: Nokia]

The arrival of low-end Windows Phone devices -- namely Nokia Oyj.'s (HEX:NOK1VLumia 520/620 -- has certainly boosted Windows Phone.  Much like Android, Microsoft and its third-party hardware partners appear to be starting their assault on the iPhone at the low-end.  While today's flagship Android phones put the iPhone's hardware to shame, the earliest Androids were largely budget devices.

It remains to be seen, though, whether Windows Phone can duplicate Android's successful creep into the high-end of the market.  Microsoft is betting big on the Windows Phone Blue refresh, which will likely be the next major platform refresh.  That update is expected to land sometime in the October/November window.  The good news for Windows Phone 8 device owners is that Microsoft reportedly will be supporting current generation devices in the upgrade this time around.

Source: Microsoft [TechNet]

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RE: Good progress...
By Tony Swash on 3/28/2013 10:48:11 AM , Rating: 0
Windows Phone is growing in the US, but not as fast as it is in Europe.

That's probably true but without actual sales data from Microsoft we have no idea of it's significance or scale.

This report about Windows Phone outselling iPhone in seven countries may be accurate but wouldn't it be nice if this was based on actual statistics from Microsoft on Windows Phone licences sold? I presume they have that data and that it is reasonably up to date. Why not release it? Instead we get Microsoft 'seizing on' a sales estimate that a third party has compiled. Why doesn't Microsoft just release quarterly figures for Windows Phone licences in the same way they do for Windows? With no data to contradict it one must always assume that any company that doesn't release basic sales data about it's important products is probably hiding something, usually bad news.

PR minus facts is mostly just wind

I think it would be much better if all companies just posted their sales figures, but almost none do. How many Kindle's have Amazon sold? Who knows (but occasionally they farcically claim these unknown sales have doubled). How many Nexus devices has Google sold? Nobody knows because they are not telling. What about total sales figures for Samsung smart phone or tablets? Ditto. Reports about the sales of phones and tablets by these companies are almost always based on third party estimates. Why?

Interestingly on the few occasions that actual figures have been revealed such as during the disclosure process in the Samsung/Apple legal case the real figures are often very unimpressive. In this report about Windows Phone it seems three of the markets in, Ukraine, South Africa and “rest of central and eastern Europe”, are small enough that there were fewer than 100,000 Windows Phone unit shipments in the fourth quarter in each of them.

RE: Good progress...
By 91TTZ on 3/28/2013 10:55:20 AM , Rating: 1
With no data to contradict it one must always assume that any company that doesn't release basic sales data about it's important products is probably hiding something, usually bad news.

While we don't know how much profit Microsoft or Nokia is making on selling these phones, we do know that Apple/Samsung gobbled up 103% of the profits in the smartphone industry. You do the math.

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