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Pre-orders have already started

When it comes to first person shooters, one of the most popular franchises comes from DICE and EA in the form of Battlefield. The next game in the franchise will be Battlefield 4, and DICE has revealed that the fourth game in the franchise will be a new benchmark in game design and multiple player engagement.

Battlefield 4 will launch in the fall of 2013 using the proprietary Frostbite 3 game engine. The developers promise the game will give players a glimpse into the future of interactive entertainment.

In the single player mode, players will be able to experience huge environments filled with all sorts of destruction along with an arsenal of different vehicles, weapons, and more. In the single player missions, players will be able to direct squad mates and the single player mode will track the player's progress. The game will require players to work with their squad mates in both the single player campaign and multiplayer modes.

"We are so humbled and proud to debut Battlefield 4 on a global stage with simultaneous events in San Francisco and Stockholm. To be this early in development, and to already be so polished is a huge achievement for the DICE team and reflection of their passion and commitment to driving the franchise forward. Today's demo was just the beginning -- we have so much more in store," said Patrick Soderlund, Executive Vice President, EA Games Label.

Players can pre-order Battlefield 4 at participating retail outlets and will perceive the Premium expansion pack at no additional cost with their pre-order. The Digital Deluxe Edition will be available exclusively as a download via Origin.

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Never again on PC
By Luckyhermit on 3/27/2013 1:38:24 PM , Rating: 2
I got Battlefield 3 for PC because of the superior graphics and larger match sizes. Not to mention I hate using controllers for FPS, but if I do buy Battlefield 4 it will be on a console for 2 reasons.

1: Origin. I really don't want another pile of crap DRM process running on my computer that opens security vulnerabilities. If it were just for this reason alone it wouldn't be a deal breaker...

2: Cheaters. Holy crap the cheaters are more rampant than I thought possible. At first I gave everything the benefit of my doubt when somebody goes 100+ kills and single digit deaths in match after match, and when I'm continuously getting picked off when behind cover from across the map. I thought.. Hey maybe they just really are that good... Or maybe lag is causing glitches. But after researching, I found out how easy it is to cheat. I watched a few videos of cheaters, and I went to a few (of the many) sites offering these cheats. I haven't logged on to BF3 since. It sucked all the fun out of my favorite game.

I have a feeling battlefield 4 for PC will be no different. It's sad really.

RE: Never again on PC
By Lonyo on 3/27/2013 3:36:45 PM , Rating: 3
Play on better servers/servers with active admins.

Some servers are pretty terrible, but that's why there's a favourite servers option.
Find some that are good and have anti-cheat + admins.

RE: Never again on PC
By Spuke on 3/27/2013 7:13:25 PM , Rating: 1
X2, play on better servers.

RE: Never again on PC
By Spookster on 3/27/2013 5:15:51 PM , Rating: 2
Well lag exists on console as well and you may not have any control over fixing that anymore so then you would on PC. As for the controller on PS3 at least there is a mouse/keyboard controller that is available for those who don't like the standard controller. I don't use one because I don't like keyboard/mouse with FPS. Also as for cheating you will experience the same cheating when it comes to rented servers because badmins will be badmins whether on PC or console. Now hacking the game is obviously not at easy on console so you would not see as much of that. Mostly what you would see on console are people using modded controllers. See it alot on COD where each press of the trigger fires the weapon multiple times verses once so you end up with a semi-auto pistol or sniper rifle that fires like an sub-machine gun. But then again I suppose that is possible also on PC and probably much easier I imagine.

RE: Never again on PC
By Reclaimer77 on 3/27/2013 8:14:11 PM , Rating: 1
Dude consoles are just one big ass DRM machine lol. Hello?

2: Cheaters. Holy crap the cheaters are more rampant than I thought possible.

Meah, for everyone one cheater there are a bunch of people just THAT much better than you. Truth hurts bro.

"We don't know how to make a $500 computer that's not a piece of junk." -- Apple CEO Steve Jobs

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