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Apple needs to step up its mapping game to compete with Google

Apple may have had quite a mapping fiasco last year with the release of its own homemade software, but that's not keeping the company down as it now looks to offer indoor mapping as well.

Apple recently acquired WifiSLAM, a two-year-old Silicon Valley startup that specializes in indoor mapping apps that detect a mobile user's location via Wi-Fi signals. One of the company's co-founders is Joseph Huang, a former software engineering intern at Google.

Apple acquired the company for $20 million. 

The move is likely a way to stay competitive with Google's Android devices, which already have access to indoor mapping in places like shopping malls and airports. 

Last September, Apple booted Google Maps and released its first homemade maps app with the launch of iOS 6. However, this didn't go as well as expected. The maps app had an embarrassing amount of issues, such as geography and navigation problems. 

Source: The Wall Street Journal

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By Tony Swash on 3/25/2013 12:46:51 PM , Rating: 2
google's ad revenue is targeted and is what all advertising will eventually become. people will eventually get over the fact that you are not in danger of identity theft if the coffee sellers know that you buy two coffees at 1 and 3 pm at different starbucks each day. or that you drive from home to work and sometimes to a strip club mon-fri. or even that you sometimes shop for ky jelly on amazon.

I think the point however is about platform utilisation and monetisation rates. It is now very, very clear from innumerable studies using a wide range of metrics that iOS user actually use their devices as platforms far more than android users do.This means that Google makes a lot more per iOS user, and generates a lot more data per iOS user, than per Android user. The difference is so large that even the larger number of Android devices do not compensate for that disparity.

Secondly Android has not changed the central issue that mobile presents to Google which is that it's monetisation mechanisms per user on mobile generate far less revenue per user on the desktop than on mobile devices. Again the difference is so large that even the larger number of mobile devices do not compensate for that disparity.

All of the above means that having spent a huge amount on Android, and taken on the loss making Motorola, Google hasn't seen a lot of return for it's investment, Instead the revenues and profits in the Android ecosystem have flowed towards Samsung even as Samsung moves incrementally to marginalise Google's role on it's devices.

Like much else that has happened at Google since Larry Page took over as CEO the Android reset, which it seems precipitated the removal of Rubin, is part of the general streamlining of Google's business to cope with the challenges of new market conditions.

This is an interesting article by an exGoogle manager talking about the change of culture at Google following Eric Schmidt's removal and the ascension of Page to CEO.

if those really are the two things the two companies want out of mobile devices, then apple is lagging behind with the rest of the world.

How? Apple sells huge numbers of devices to customers who rate them very highly in survey after survey. Apple continues to siphon off the vast bulk of the profits in the entire global handset market. Not sure how any of that is lagging.

This is an interesting article about the different pricing strategies of Apple versus the Android OEMs.

i didnt read the second half of your post because it seemed like you had to quote things to make them plausible.

I post links because I assume that people reading a discussion on a tech orientated site are looking for more information about tech trends and events. In your case I was mistaken as it appears you are looking for less information.

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