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No fuel cell vehicles from VW on the horizon

A few years ago there were a number of automotive manufacturers putting serious money into hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles. These vehicles promised to have a driving range similar to a conventional gasoline-powered automobile, but produce no emissions to pollute the atmosphere.
However, the vehicles faced several daunting challenges, including the lack of a hydrogen fuel infrastructure and the fact that hydrogen is highly flammable and difficult to store.

Volkswagen CEO Martin Winterkorn stated this week that hydrogen fuel cells have failed to live up to promises and are unlikely to become an efficient and cost-effective way to power cars in the near future.

Winterkorn said, "I do not see the infrastructure for fuel cell vehicles, and I do not see how hydrogen can be produced on large scale at reasonable cost. I do not currently see a situation where we can offer fuel cell vehicles at a reasonable cost that consumers would also be willing to pay."

While Volkswagen doesn't see a near-term future with hydrogen vehicles, other manufacturers continue to move forward with the technology. Mercedes-Benz reached a deal with Ford and Nissan-Renault with a goal of selling the first production fuel-cell vehicle starting in 2017.
Back in 2010, a study was published predicting 670,000 fuel cell powered vehicles would be sold annually within a decade. So far, that prediction doesn't seem likely to come true.

Source: Auto News

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RE: Hope
By CeriseCogburn on 3/23/2013 3:49:22 AM , Rating: 0

We need to get these wet dream wackadoos next to an electric vehicle, have them pick up the 40 pounds a foot electric charging cable and jab the giganto tyrannosaurus teeth sized contact tabs into the side of their rare earth metals strip mine production vehicle, then hang on while the emp shock wave makes their hair stand on end while the high pressured buzz from the power generation and transformers above their heads whizzes away, then their little prescious starts heating up and nearly glowing red hot because they are trying to jam so many joules in so quickly conversion storage in the cell can't keep up and the soon glowing red hot perrywinkle former tin can is a red hot puddle glowing next to the piddle puddle mr enviro weenie just naturally gave back to gaia asphalt paved earth.

No worries the lefties tell me as soon as the kumbaya of all humankind comes to fruition the Aliens will no longer be in hiding and they can give us the 100% conversion tech with no heat waste from inefficiencies.

After reading that and hating ever more, the libtard will screech the 1"x 1/2"x1/$ lithium battery one is charging for their mini joy copter can puff then blow up so it must always be done in a safety containment bag with eye protection over the usual hour long time period...

libs da wackaodoo

RE: Hope
By Mint on 3/23/2013 12:58:48 PM , Rating: 1
rare earth metals strip mine production vehicle
NiMH batteries used rare earths. Lithium ion batteries don't.

Permanent magnet motors use rare earths. Induction motors don't.

Stop being a propaganda tool and educate yourself.

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