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HIS X1600 Gemini Courtesy of HKEPC
Single-board dual RV570 boards in the pipeline

ATI’s upcoming RV560 and RV570 will find its way into single-board, dual-GPU CrossFire configurations. Since the GPU cores have integrated composite engines, the cards are capable of Crossfire support directly on the card. 

ATI is recommending to its AIB partners that the new 80nm mainstream and value parts will be joined together on a single PCB with a PLX Technology ExpressLane PEX 8532 PCI Express bridge chip. This bridge chip is currently used on ATI Gemini graphics cards such as the GeCube dual X1600 graphics card. The bridge chip itself is nearly the same size as the GPU but only draws approximately 7.38 watts. Preliminary boards show the PEX 8532 heatsink-less which isn’t surprising considering its low power draw.

On Gemini graphics boards the PEX 8532 bridge chip (PDF) takes one PCI Express x16 interface and divides the bandwidth in half. This allocates eight PCI Express lanes to each GPU similar to how some motherboards divide sixteen PCI Express lanes across two slots on Intel, lower end SLI and CrossFire motherboards. As the PEX 8532 is a generic PCI Express switch it can be used for other implementations besides graphics switching also.

DailyTech has learned Hightech Information Systems (HIS) has dual RV570 products in the pipeline using the PEX 8352 bridge chip. Although RV570 won’t necessarily offer as much horsepower as a Radeon X1900XT, Gemini variants will be able to dedicate one RV570 GPU to physics processing; essentially one GPU can be used for graphics while the second can be used for physics or graphics.  Additionally, up to four DVI outputs can be used per card with the help of twin DMS59 interfaces

ATI’s 80nm RV560 and RV570 are expected to arrive in August and September.

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RE: A True Single-Card Solution
By PT2006 on 6/25/2006 2:05:09 PM , Rating: 0
Someone said something intelligent on these boards once... Before you write your comment, ask yourself, what would it matter?

Does it really effect you whether or not its two PCBs? Is one even better than another?

By the way, it's not dual-core, its two separate GPUs.

RE: A True Single-Card Solution
By The Cheeba on 6/25/06, Rating: 0
RE: A True Single-Card Solution
By wuZheng on 6/25/2006 2:45:59 PM , Rating: 3
There was a time people used to make logical, well-thought out arguments before being fanboys too... Before you wrote YOUR comment, maybe you should consider the fact that it does matter to some?

Yes, it doesn't matter to me if its two PCBs, on many levels:

1) And most importantly, it takes up case space, and therefore inherently blocks the airflow coming from front side fan of my case, which is already admitedly limited.

2) The way Nvidia implemented this solution, its like they made sure this card was a thermal nightmare, there is no effective cooling solution available for these cards besides the stock, and the stock fan doesn't do much, espcially the one sandwiched between the two PCBs...

3) A moot point, but its ugly, nuff said.

4) Another moot point, waste of natural resources to use that much extra PCB, when you couldve done it one.

So yea, there, at least I backed it up nice and clear, I bet you thought you asked a rhetorical question too...

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