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"Teen drinking is very bad. / Yo I got a fake ID though." -- Rapper J Kwon

For the U.S., a country with relatively puritanical laws when it comes to young adults and drinking, the "fake ID" has long been a pop culture topic.  But fake IDs may be a dying breed thanks to new technologies which New York and several other states are rolling out

I. Fake IDs Remain a Problem in an Era of Digital-Quality Fakes

New York is reportedly the most popular state to get a fake ID. Sites like brazenly advertise "bulletproof" fake IDs; for example, that site brags, "Let’s get straight to the point: you’re watching this video because you’re interested in getting a fake ID.  Whether you just want to go to the clubs and have drinks with your friends or you want to start a whole new life complete with a new identity, Social Security number, bank accounts, a credit score and more."

State officials complain that aside from the everyday problem of underage drinking, officials complain that such fake IDs -- while potentially legal if not abused -- can be used to conduct benefit fraud, try to evade child support payments, or even plot terrorism.

Fake IDs
Online sellers use digital scanning and printing technology to sell fake IDs.

J. David Sampson, executive deputy commissioner of the State Department of Motor Vehicles told The New York Times in an interview, "We see the New York driver’s license as the first line of defense."

New York has already successfully employed high-tech strategies such as facial recognition to investigate 13,000 cases of identity fraud over the last three years, resulting in around 2,500 arrests, according to a recent release from New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D).

II. The Switch to Grayscale Portraits, Polycarbonate

The state is prepared to take things even a step farther, though.  It's joining just a handful of states to have an engraved grayscale portrait as a replacement to the traditional color photograph.  Further, the license will be printed/engraved on rigid polycarbonate plastic, versus bendable papers/plastics used in the old license.

Additionally, 30 other security features -- including holograms, water marks, fine lines, variable patterns, micro-lettering -- aim to stop would-be counterfeiters.

The new licenses will be produced by CBN Secure Technologies Inc., a United States subsidiary of the Canadian Bank Note Company, which scored an eight-year $88.5M USD contract.  The new IDs will cost around $1 a piece, and will take longer to produce than traditional licenses, although the state promises the waiting period for customers will remain the same.

New York Licenses
New York's new licenses incorporate 30 security features and are printed on rigid polycarbonate. [Image Source: The New York Times]

But Owen McShane, director of investigations at the New York DMV says that difficult process is a good thing.  He comments, "It’s hundreds and hundreds of thousands of dollars for an inscriber.  It’s not something a college student is going to be able to go out and get.”

New York is not alone; Maryland is switching to polycarbonate and North Carolina will go with grayscale portraits and polycarbonate, starting in late 2013 or early 2014.

Not everyone is happy about the new licenses.  In some states traditional bendable-style license-makers like De La Rue North America are suing or filing complaints over lost contracts.  De La Rue complains in a lawsuit against the state of New York that CBN's winning bid was much higher and that it was not informed of the polycarbonate preference.  It argues that polycarbonate is actually less secure, as sheets of unengraved IDs could be stolen more easily and used in convincing fakes.

III Can't Fight the Future

But De Lar Rue and other traditionalists seem to be fighting the drumbeat of progress.  

The switch to grayscale portrait, polycarbonate IDs arguably began with the U.S. Department of State, who switched to the format in 2008 for its passport cards, which allow for easier travel across national borders in local North American nations.

Old New York
The maker of the old bendable licenses [pictured] is suing the winning contractor and state.
[Image Source: Dooby Brain]

A year later in 2009 the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles embraced the design, spicing it up with raised lettering, a ghost image and nineteen other unspoken identifiers.  DMV spokeswoman Pam Goheen brags that the ID is "perhaps the most secure state-issued ID in the nation."

It appears whether you’re an unhappy traditional license-maker, or an unhappy underage drinker; high-tech IDs are on the rise and here to stay.  Expect more states to join New York, Virginia, North Carolina, and Maryland in coming months and years.

Source: The New York Times

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RE: Forget drinking
By gamerk2 on 3/19/2013 11:07:17 AM , Rating: 3
That is absolutely false. Not all states have the same voter registration laws and regulations. Out of an estimated 30 million illegals in this nation, do you honestly believe a significant portion of them did not vote in the last two elections? Especially with what was at stake, and the positions of both candidates.

Hell, fictional cartoon characters voted in almost every state last election. Even Hitler had his vote counted.

Just an FYI, in investigations in states like Colorado and Florida just a few weeks ago, it was found that less then 0.005% of all votes were found to be cast illegally. There is no, and has never been, any significant amount of voter fraud detected by anyone.

But no, you'll keep arguing that elections are rigged, because you simply can't accept your views are not in the majority. And you can't POSSIBLY be wrong, right?

RE: Forget drinking
By Ammohunt on 3/19/2013 11:19:54 AM , Rating: 1
There is no, and has never been, any significant amount of voter fraud detected by anyone.

By anyone in power...who is in power now? Its a known fact that dead people consistently vote Democrat. Either way it doesn't matter people like me will never be part of your collectivist society majority or free or die!

RE: Forget drinking
By Quadrillity on 3/19/2013 2:31:00 PM , Rating: 1
it was found that less then 0.005% of all votes were found to be cast illegally.

And that's only the ones they found to be illegal votes. I guess that's probably the same statisticians that say public assistance/welfare/disability fraud is extremely low too *rolls eyes*.

One has to be extremely ignorant to not see that any amount of voter fraud should be stopped and prevented at all cost. Your figure of 0.005% lands around 638,313 votes. Considering that is ONLY the number of verified illegal votes, then you start to wonder where the tipping point is in an important election (set aside the fact that most candidates are the same career politicians with zero credibility and loyalty to the American people and the U.S. Constitution).

In any case, one vote cast illegally is one too many; For ANY side of the political spectrum. You have to be willingly ignorant to not see the voter fraud present in this nation. Otherwise how do you explain the 59 districts in Philadelphia that reported zero votes for Romney this past election? Let's here your latest statistic for that anomaly.

And please, don't turn this into a R vs. D debate... I am neither one of them and couldn't give a rats ass since we never vote in the best candidates anyway. Just more career politicians.

RE: Forget drinking
By Duncan_Macdonald on 3/20/2013 6:53:38 AM , Rating: 2
Try learning how to do arithmetic - 0.005% of the whole US population is under 20,000. 0.005% is 5 in 100,000. No way does the figure approach 638,000 except in your dreams.

RE: Forget drinking
By Quadrillity on 3/20/2013 11:04:29 PM , Rating: 2
You're right, I forgot to add some zero's lol. The point still stands, one illegal vote is one vote too many and we should ALL be raising hell that it was cast.

And as I already discussed .005% is an absurdly low number and anyone with half a brain cell knows that.

RE: Forget drinking
By Reclaimer77 on 3/19/2013 4:32:56 PM , Rating: 2
lol gotta love Liberals


fast forward a few years...

Liberals: No such thing as voter fraud! You just hate Obama and brown people!

le sigh.

RE: Forget drinking
By TSS on 3/20/2013 1:47:53 AM , Rating: 2
It's funny how a whole country can both worry about ~0,005% of the votes being criminal, before the whole country votes for criminals themselves.

More or less a disconnect there....

"My sex life is pretty good" -- Steve Jobs' random musings during the 2010 D8 conference

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