Panasonic DMP-BD10
$1,300 asking price puts it on the high side of announced players

Although we have seen delay after delay for Blu-ray players, interest in the next generation HD format hasn't died down from hardware manufacturers. Panasonic has announced its plans for a September launch of its new DMP-BD10 Blu-ray player.

The DMP-BD10 features a 296MHz, 14-bit video D/A converter which supports 4x oversampling on 1080i/720p output. It is of course backwards compatible with current DVDs and CDs and it also upconverts regular DVDs to 1080P via HDMI.

While Samsung's BD-P1000 is already on the market for $999, Panasonic's player is going to retail for $1,300 -- that $499 base-level PlayStation 3 is looking like quite the bargain these days. By the time the DMP-BD10 hits the streets, the market should be a little bit more crowded (barring any more delays) -- Pioneer's BDP-HD1 should be on the market by then with Sony's BDP-S1 not too far behind. There's also a possibility that we may see Samsung's hybrid Blu-ray/HD DVD player in the closing months of 2006.

Panasonic will also offer a matching receiver (SA-XR700) and speaker system (SB-T1000) for $999 and $2999 respectively.

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