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Could things be looking up for BlackBerry?

BlackBerry has pretty much bet everything on the success of BlackBerry 10 and new smartphones running the operating system such as the Z10. The Z10 launched in Europe and several other countries, achieving moderate sales success.
"The feedback is very encouraging," said BlackBerry CEO Thorsten Heins. "What has been a real surprise for us is that BlackBerry 10 as a platform and product is attracting users that are currently on other platforms."
Heins also said that the Z10 has surpassed BlackBerry's expectations in emerging markets such as India. "We shipped into the channel product that we thought would have been good for at least five days and I got an emergency call from our manager in India, saying that they were sold out in two days," Heins added. "Now we are scrambling to re-load that channel."

Blackberry Z10

The big test will be to see how well the Z10 does in the United States against heavy hitters like Apple and Samsung. It’s been a long time since BlackBerry has had a competitive entry in the U.S. smartphone market and it’s stranglehold on corporate/government customers has loosened.
The Z10 is reportedly heading to AT&T’s wireless network on March 22 according to Bloomberg.

Sources: Reuters, Bloomberg

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RE: Right... Spin it up.
By MadMan007 on 3/8/2013 4:29:16 PM , Rating: 2
It's valid to compare screens, although quite frankly at this size 1080p is overkill when resolutions in the 720 range are already 'retinal.'

Comparing CPUs across software platforms is a whole other story though, and really shouldn't be done without further data to back it up.

RE: Right... Spin it up.
By hrrmph on 3/8/2013 6:35:05 PM , Rating: 2
Folks are missing at least some of the point here:

This is the only true 4" class phone that has 64GB expansion via a $50 mSDXC card and runs 800,000 apps (~100K BB + ~700K Android). It can easily be holstered on a belt and it easily fits in a small purse without dominating it.

Its not for everyone, but I gotta hand it to them: they've built something nobody else has. This product has differentiation and fills several niches very well.

The nearest competitor is the iPhone 5, but that is all about the cloud and not about local storage. There are plenty of people in plenty of places who are either not ready for the cloud or don't have cheap, reliable access to it.

When you want / need to carry your own files, the Blackberry can do it and do it on the cheap. And it seems its going to be pretty darn good at using those files.


RE: Right... Spin it up.
By retrospooty on 3/9/2013 9:25:23 AM , Rating: 2
Yup, I agree it's a good phone. All that you said, plus its probably the best UI on the market (as in closest to WebOS's perfection). They have finally come out with a good product years too late. The issue isnt the phone, the specs or the OS... The issue is getting anyone to give a crap about it enough to switch. They need to gain back market share from firmly entrenched rivals in IOS and Android. Good luck with that.

RE: Right... Spin it up.
By zephyrprime on 3/11/2013 3:13:16 PM , Rating: 2
Dude, I had used WebOS with my touchpad and it is FAR from perfection. It was elegant and easy to use but a lot of this elegance was due to a dearth of features owing to it's short lifespan. Also, it's much vaulted method of multitasking was a pain in the ass because the swiping from off the screen was so easy to confuse with swiping from on the screen. This cause the task switcher to come up all the time when just scrolling a page.

"Mac OS X is like living in a farmhouse in the country with no locks, and Windows is living in a house with bars on the windows in the bad part of town." -- Charlie Miller

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