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Apple rules above the clouds

Gogo is one of the most popular and successful in-flight internet service providers in the world. Now, the company has given some statistics on devices used to connect to its in-flight networks.

The statistics show that 67% of the devices used to connect to Gogo during flights are smartphones and tablets. Tablets are the most preferred device connecting to its network at 35 percent, followed by laptop at 33 percent and smartphones at 33 percent.

The most common mobile operating system that connects to the network during flights comes from Apple with the iPad being the most common device overall. 84% of all devices that connect to the Gogo network during the flight run iOS while 16% use Android.

BlackBerry and Windows Phone/Mobile devices each make up less than 1% of in-flight connections.

The most common task performed using these devices in-flight is average web surfing. Gogo says that passengers are accessing their personal e-mail accounts, using social media sites, checking sports scores, and shopping. Business travelers more often use their work e-mail and finalize reports, listing those two activities as their most frequent tasks during the flight.

With Apple devices so popular during flights, it would come as no surprise that Safari is the most popular browser to access Gogo networks. The second most popular browser is Internet Explorer followed by Chrome and Firefox.
While Apple devices are the most common that access Gogo in-flight, Android is catching up. In 2011, only 3.2% of devices accessing the network were Android and so far in 2013, Android accounted for 16% of usage.

Source: Gogo

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RE: This not that surprising
By momorere on 3/10/2013 1:30:41 PM , Rating: 2
Of course you can't read it properly as it is yet another article that proves you wrong based on your selective "facts". Since you like Business Insider and Forbes so much, I thought I'd show you a few interesting articles from them.

We all know that the "iWatch" rumors are just a pathetic attempt to keep investors interested for a little longer.

You have said numerous times how crApple is moving into the enterprise sector and is starting to take over yet, Samsung is getting in with some of the largest enterprise customers.

Even some of the top crApple writers/bloggers are making the switch.

RE: This not that surprising
By retrospooty on 3/10/2013 3:13:58 PM , Rating: 2
"Of course you can't read it properly as it is yet another article that proves you wrong based on your selective "facts".

Exactly... When you post selective facts, its easy to see your are trying to mislead people... When you actually start believing in them, its a whole other direction. I wonder which Tony really is.

RE: This not that surprising
By Tony Swash on 3/10/2013 8:01:59 PM , Rating: 2
The link you posted points to an article that contains the following statistic:

All that has changed now that Androids make up an astonishing 37 percent of the usage share in comparison to Apple's 25 percent share.

It doesn't say of what.

So I followed the link to the linked Motely Fool article which says:

Fast-forward a few months later and Android's usage share has reached 37%, far above Apple's approximate 25% share.

Again I ask - what was measured and how was it measured.?

The article seems fact and data free. What web usage is being measured, how is it being measured? Without quoting sources you can claim anything. I can claim that 76% of iPhobes have inferiority complexes, it sounds plausible to me but with no data sources to back it up it's nothing more than my opinion.

I suppose it's the difference between the lightweight tabloid end of tech journalism, which unsurprisingly the iPhobes seem to prefer, and the quality end of tech journalism (such as the excellent Asymco site) which is full of data and data source references, which iOS users tend to prefer. Brandishing stereotypes is such fun.

RE: This not that surprising
By momorere on 3/10/2013 8:26:03 PM , Rating: 2
Aww, no comments on my links ? I was waiting for them to get Swashed. So I'm assuming that all my Forbes and Business Insider links are invalid EXCEPT when they are pro-crApple ? Geez, who would have thought ?

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