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Costing $3.5 billion, the new fab is set to open in 2010

Earlier this month, DailyTech brought you details about AMD's plans to open a fabrication facility in the state of New York. Although details at the time was sketchy and most of the information was unconfirmed, AMD's chairman Hector Ruiz this week announced that AMD will indeed be opening a facility in New York's Luther Forest Technology Park in Saratoga County.

AMD is expected to be spending upwards of $3.5 billion by the time the plant is finished. The plant is going to be home to more than 1000 employees and AMD says it should be completed sometime in 2010. In previous reports circulating online, it was indicated that New York state had been busy putting together an incentive package for AMD worth somewhere around the $1 billion mark. For New York state, having AMD build a new facility will introduce a big boost for the economy -- new jobs are created and the state gets more taxes. AMD is investing a lot into expansion recently, as the company also announced plans to spend roughly $2.5 billion to increase capacity at its Fab 30 facility in Dresden, Germany.

On the other side of the fence, Intel is making an effort to expand as well. Being AMD's biggest competitor, Intel announced too that it would build a new facility in Europe. Spending about $2 billion, Intel will open its first 65nm facility in Europe. Called Fab 24-2, it will be a major expansion on Intel's existing Fab 24 and will bring 300mm wafer production into the production line. Intel says that Fab 24-2 will be one of its largest.

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RE: Let's look at that per-job cost, shall we?
By smokenjoe on 6/26/2006 3:27:44 AM , Rating: 2
That kind of plant is somthing that a local buisness man or politition would kill for. High paying jobs and a high profile buisness that could help attract other buisness that are also big investors and spenders. Dont forget that the high paid workers are going to spend more mony in the economy causing more jobs and more taxes If there is much unenployment at all there could be a lot of people who are being supported by tax dollers pay taxes. Dont forget that all the people that have jobs because the plant workers spend mony on things will also spend mony themselves on food dining houses etc.

Seriously some economists think that there is a 4xs effect so they can tax the people that serve the people that serve the plant workers and reasearchers.

By masher2 on 6/26/2006 9:14:37 AM , Rating: 2
> "High paying jobs and a high profile buisness that could help attract other buisness "

Sure; they're hoping for a trickle-down effect. My original point was that there was no way the direct effects of the plant would ever pay back the billion-dollar incentive package.

> "That kind of plant is somthing that a local buisness man or politition would kill for..."

Sure, it benefits both of them a great deal, even if it costs the average citizen a small fortune. Again, I'm not saying its the case here, but its happened before.

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