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Leaked images offer hardware details

Samsung has previously announced that it will officially unveil the Galaxy S IV on March 14 in New York City. Samsung went so far as to invite everyone to Times Square to watch the official unveil of the new smartphone live. Although Samsung is hoping of keeping things under wraps until next week, supposed rendering of the device have already leaked courtesy of EVLeaks.

One of the leaked images even shows a few of the hardware details for the phone. The first image, which you can see to the right, shows the S IV compared to other smartphones in the Galaxy S series. The S IV is clearly larger than the S III and the previous devices in franchise. The second image also tips some of the features of the smartphone.

This image notes that the S IV has a Super AMOLED screen with 1080p resolution. It's unclear exactly how large that screen is, but it appears to be larger than the one used on the S III. The image also tips the smartphone will be available in 16 GB, 32 GB, or 64 GB storage versions and all will have two gigabytes of RAM. The phone is also tipped to have a 13-megapixel rear camera with autofocus and LED flash. The operating system is reportedly Android 4.2.

While that's all the detail the leaked photographs offer, the new Samsung smartphone is also rumored to support technology that tracks the users eyes to automatically scroll pages. The feature is reportedly called “Eye Scrolling” and will track the user’s eyes to automatically determine when to scroll a page.
These details have come from an anonymous Samsung employee. According this employee, when the user reads an article and their eyes get to the bottom of the page, the phone will automatically scroll allowing the user to read the rest of the content.

Samsung previously filed a trademark in Europe for "Eye Scroll" and has filed for a trademark on "Samsung Eye Scroll" in the U.S. Both of those trademarks appear to support the unnamed Samsung employee's claims. Interestingly, Samsung also filed a trademark for a technology called "Eye Pause" but there's no mention of that tech in the leaks.
Samsung has already stated that the software features of the S IV will be more important than hardware innovations.

Sources: New York Times, EV Leaks

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iScroll iPause iDiocy
By Shadowmaster625 on 3/5/2013 1:53:56 PM , Rating: 0
The only way an eye scroller could work is if the camera is constantly running and scanning your eye movements. Which means constant power draw from the camera, and constant power draw from at least one cpu core as it processes the images to look for the desired pattern. What kind of moron wants to add that kind of load onto a battery that already dont give you jack squat for usage before you have to plug it in?

RE: iScroll iPause iDiocy
By retrospooty on 3/5/2013 2:04:15 PM , Rating: 2
The SGS3 already does that with its eye detection. It doesnt scroll, but if you enable it, the camera is on anda tracks your eyes, and the screen wont timeout if you are looking at it. It's not a bettery hog, that is the thing about smartphones, everything in it is designed to be efficient. I have my GPS, Wifi, Bluetooth, eye monitoring all on 24/7 and don't have any battery problems at all. It never even goes below 50% unless I both forget to charge it overnight, and have a really heave use couple of days.

RE: iScroll iPause iDiocy
By shadowamazon on 3/5/2013 3:33:46 PM , Rating: 2
S III user myself here. I am pretty sure the eye detection only comes on for a few seconds every couple of min or so. It only needs to determine if your eye is on the screen when it is about to power down the LCD.

RE: iScroll iPause iDiocy
By flyingpants1 on 3/5/2013 11:25:31 PM , Rating: 2
No, you don't use your phone. The battery life is extremely poor.

RE: iScroll iPause iDiocy
By retrospooty on 3/6/2013 9:10:21 AM , Rating: 1
Your an idiot and have no clue how I use my phone.

In reviews, testing against other phones, the GS3 isn't great by any means, its middle of the pack as far as battery life, but "extremely poor" is a ridiculous assessment.

RE: iScroll iPause iDiocy
By Cheesew1z69 on 3/6/2013 11:58:05 AM , Rating: 2
I am with ya, various activities throughout the day and still have 30+ percent when I get home.

RE: iScroll iPause iDiocy
By artemicion on 3/5/2013 3:45:37 PM , Rating: 2
Or maybe the camera is only on and detecting movement when the user is viewing a page that can actually scroll.

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