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Ford fails to deliver on promised efficiency again

If you're a fan of green vehicles or are shopping for car promising lots of fuel economy, you may be familiar with the Ford C-Max Hybrid and the Toyota Prius V. These vehicles are two of the most popular hybrids in the segment. Ford has been at the center of allegations from several publications that had reviewed the C-Max claiming that the vehicle does not meet the fuel economy promised.

Previously, the EPA had stated that it was ready to investigate Ford over allegations of improperly stated fuel economy numbers for its C-Max and Fusion Hybrid. A recent test conducted of the C-Max Hybrid and the Prius V by reviewer Wayne Gerdes found that the Ford C-Max didn't achieve fuel efficiency suggested by the EPA's numbers.

The EPA shows that the C-Max gets 47 miles per gallon in all three EPA test categories (city/highway/combined). According to Gerdes, in his testing the C-Max managed only 35.537 miles per gallon over 360 highway miles. However, he does admit that in the city he was able to achieve 52 miles per gallon over 22.8 miles of driving, which is better than the EPA promises.

Ford C-Max

He also tested the Prius V along the same driving route and achieved 40.768 miles per gallon on the highway and 55.8 miles per gallon in the city. That means while the EPA lists lower numbers for the Toyota (44/40/42) compared to the C-Max, it actually outperformed the C-Max.

Gerdes isn't alone in finding that the Prius V posted better real-world efficiency numbers than the C-Max, Motor Trend came to the same conclusion during its tests.
As with any review that tends to focus heavily on miles per gallon for hybrid vehicles, you have to have a saltshaker ready. Driving style and conditions greatly affect fuel efficiency numbers for hybrid and electric vehicles. That means the results from one person won't necessarily be the same for the next.
However, real world numbers from fuel economy conscious C-Max and Prius V owners on Fuelly back up the claims that the former lags far behind its EPA numbers while the latter hits them right on the mark.

C-Max Hybrid on Fuelly

Prius V on Fuelly

Sources: Autoblog, CleanMPG

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RE: It all depends on whos driving it
By Philippine Mango on 3/1/2013 10:38:59 AM , Rating: 1
Anyways we got tired of trying to maximize our MPG in the thing and getting frustrated with not achieving 50 MPG on a regular basis. We traded it in Monday on a Lexus RX 350 and will no longer worry about MPG's (wife got a promotion where they pay for all gas and 3/4 of the car payment)

So you ditched the vehicle because you had to "try" to get 50mpg? you couldn't be happy with anything above 40mpg? now you've got a vehicle that gets 1/3 of the mpg. Yes your company pays for the fuel but you still have a car payment when you already had a paid for vehicle. Also that RX350 is going to have significantly higher maintenance costs than the Prius ever will. Going from a Prius to an RX350 is a downgrade as that vehicle has no redeeming qualities.

By Spuke on 3/1/2013 11:18:58 AM , Rating: 3
Going from a Prius to an RX350 is a downgrade as that vehicle has no redeeming qualities.
Says you. The RX350 is a major upgrade over the Prius. Cars aren't just about fuel economy. I will agree that trading a paid off car a new one for that reason sounds kinda silly to me but it's your money. It sounds to me that you just wanted a more luxurious car. No problems with that from me either. We just bought a BMW X1 (for the wife). I like it so much I want a bimmer too.

RE: It all depends on whos driving it
By Nutzo on 3/1/2013 12:04:24 PM , Rating: 2
No redeeming qualities?
What about more room, better ride, better visability, more features...

I guess if all you care about is milage, then stay with the Pruis.

I wish I could afford an RX350 :)

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