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Chevrolet Volt
GM wants to sell lots more Volts

General Motors hasn't exactly been burning up the sales charts with its Chevrolet Volt extended range electric vehicle. However, the auto giant hopes to increase the sales figures for the Volt significantly this year.

The Washington Post claims that GM hopes to build 36,000 Volts and other plug-in hybrids for delivery during 2013. That represents a 20% increase compared to 2012.

Analyst Jim Hall from 2953 Analytics said that 36,000 is "probably a doable number." He added, "It will have a full calendar year in Europe." The analyst also believes that the fact that the Volt is now eligible for the California carpool lanes will also help increase sales.

GM struggled to sell the Volt during some months of last year, but blamed poor sales during November on a lack of inventory for the vehicle.

“We had some on and off starts with the assembly plant,” said GM marketing director Christi Landy said. “California, which is our strongest market, was selling great then they would have no products. They’ve run out of products probably three or four times in the last 12 months, it’s been very frustrating.”
The second vehicle to use the Voltec platform in the U.S. will also launch shortly. The two-door Cadillac ELR is set to debut later this year, but its price of entry will likely be much higher than the Volt’s $39,145.

Source: The Washington Post

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RE: Tesla
By Dr. Kenneth Noisewater on 3/2/2013 8:57:26 PM , Rating: 3
With the Volt, my ~50mi round-trip commute is entirely electric.

Between it and my 40mpg bike, I paid $311 for gasoline in 2012, or about $6/week.

Teslas look really nice, and if they can get newer battery techs that push 400-600Wh/kg for the same or lower price than current tech (promised by LiS, Envia, etc) then I'd certainly be interested in a $50-60k Tesla S with 100kWh battery that weighs ~4200lbs and does 0-60 in 3.5-4 seconds.

In the meantime, I only need and have one car, and the Volt fits my use case pretty nicely. I would of course like more power, more electric range, faster charger, etc. But I'm looking forward to Voltec 2.0 and 3.0, and hope GM doesn't fall back into complacency (which I did fear given the ELR has such minor tweaks to Voltec, more like Voltec 1.2 or something).

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