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Brin said smartphones are "emasculating"

Smartphones are so yesterday, according to Google.

Google co-founder Sergey Brin, who appeared at the TED stage yesterday, explained that smartphones don't allow their users to interact enough with the outside world, and even called them "emasculating." People walk around with their faces buried in their smartphone's screen and swipe at a piece of glass.

"Is this the way you're meant to interact with other people?" asked Brin. "It's kind of emasculating. Is this what you're meant to do with your body?

"When we started Google 15 years ago, my vision was that information would come to you as you need it. You wouldn't have to search query at all."

According to Brin, Google Glass -- a hands-free, voice-activated headset with augmented reality features -- is that vision materialized. Brin showed Google Glass off at TED, saying it's the way people were meant to interact with one another while still using digital technology.

Google Glass is being offered to early adopters right now for a steep price of $1,500.

Source: TED Blog

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RE: Google Glass.....
By retrospooty on 2/28/2013 11:44:21 PM , Rating: 1
okay probably not the product for you, but I think you're totally missing the point and looking for things to not like about it rather than seeing the potential.

RE: Google Glass.....
By inighthawki on 3/1/2013 12:10:05 AM , Rating: 2
I just stated that I saw a lot of potential in it, just not in the areas he pointed out.

RE: Google Glass.....
By spread on 3/1/2013 1:16:16 AM , Rating: 2
It has potential in many areas, the ones you covered not so much.

Gaming on the go? That's a joke. What's the input device? You realize a device like this will have extremely limited processing power due to it's size and weight. It's more useful as an information terminal. Maps, diagnostics, recording and playback, and some uses I can't even imagine.

When tablets and phones became a commodity we got all sorts of cool uses out of them but they haven't really replaced many devices and probably won't.

I don't ever see glass as a gaming device. At least not on the glass, maybe as a terminal connected to a more powerful device.

RE: Google Glass.....
By retrospooty on 3/1/2013 3:31:55 AM , Rating: 2
Its not gonna run Crysis ffs, relax. That was just a few things i might like it for. Open your mind a bit and think about what it is and what could be done with time and open it up to developers.

"It's okay. The scenarios aren't that clear. But it's good looking. [Steve Jobs] does good design, and [the iPad] is absolutely a good example of that." -- Bill Gates on the Apple iPad

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