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He envisions playing PS4 games on all his devices, with the main experience on the big screen and smaller sections on mobile screens

Sony's PlayStation 4 event last week shed some light on the new console, but also left many questions unanswered. But a Sony exec recently sat down with The Guardian to fill in some of the gaps.

Shuhei Yoshida, Sony's head of worldwide studios who helped with the development of the PS4, talked about the PS4's role in the console ecosystem, the relevance of consoles in an increasingly mobile world and why Sony didn't produce hardware at last week's event.

According to Yoshida, the PS4 will be all about connectivity. This means that social aspects will be included in the gaming process through one simple application download, where users with iOS and Android devices can easily connect. Having access to the PS4 from anywhere on any device can help in other areas of gaming too, such as downloading a large, 50GB game. If one were to do this at home, it would take hours before the gamer could actually play. But if they connected to PS4 while still at work and started the download then, it will be ready for them once they arrive.

"In a couple of years I'd like to be playing PS4 games on all my devices, with the main experience on the big screen, and smaller sections on mobile screens… It will all be connected," said Yoshida.

While mobile devices can help create a connected environment for the console, it's a growing popular belief that the console doesn't even need to be apart of it since gaming, social networking, etc. can be accessed on the mobile devices themselves -- on the go. Yoshida said consoles still play a major role in gaming as long as the console is better than the tablet, smartphone, etc. as far as gameplay and graphics.

"Seriously, unless we show something unique and amazing, consumers won't be interested in dedicated hardware because they can play on devices they already own,” said Yoshida. “So if the experience on PS4 is not greater than tablet, why bother? It's our responsibility to provide that, with the hardware and system features as well as game development."

Yoshida said Sony is definitely working on gameplay for PS4 by offering titles beyond just driving and shooting games (which still dominate the console) and then offering titles of interest to the gamers based on past preferences.

Games are definitely a huge part of PS4, but there was one burning question that many gamers had on their minds after the PS4 event: where's the console?

"We have not finalised the hardware yet and decided not to try to get it finished in time," said Yoshida. "Also, it's a long time from February to launch, we have to design our communication in phases. Our focus here was to show some games and talk about the key principles – we wanted to save the unveiling of the actual console."

Sony announced last week that the PS4 would launch in November of this year for a starting price of $429.

Source: The Guardian

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RE: Consoles or PC's on their way out?
By ShieTar on 2/27/2013 10:27:53 AM , Rating: 2
But over the last several years, every PC game is a port of a console game that just basically bumps the resolution

Not generally true, this is just a reflection on the genre of games you enjoy. Personally, about 95% of the games I play are PC exclusive. And I keep upgrading my video card, because a GT460 would just die when taxed with GW2 on a 2560x1600 screen, while keeping the desktop alive on my 900x1600 secondary screen. Even my 670 is slowing down below vsync when more than a dozen players start throwing their effect onto my screen.

PC gaming is not going anywhere as long as AAA title keep seeling more than a million titles. Nevermind the dozens of fun and addictive independant games we are getting each year, instead of having to invest annother 50$ just to buy the latest seasonal update of some sports-game or coop-shooter.

The decision is really not all that difficult. If you are a fan of console-games, you will be happier playing them on a console rather than waiting for the PC remakes, sure. If you are into serious RPGs or Strategy, consoles are just not an option. No reason to start a war over it, or declare the other team "dead" over and over again.

RE: Consoles or PC's on their way out?
By ihateu3 on 2/27/2013 5:09:25 PM , Rating: 2
I was not saying that these ports are the games that I play, as most my games are (or use to be) PC exclusive. I am just saying that over the past years, most developers are heading toward where the money is, and abandoning us, or trying to patch it up with a port to the PC. The Battlefield series is an example, not so much of a port, but it was exclusive, and I was able to enjoy it without 11 year old whiny kids...

Anyways, I use to play GW1 while I was awaiting my preorder of BF2 back in the day. It was a fun game, and GW2 looks great! But realistically, there are few PC games that are being developed without being ported, that are not from Indie developers...

GW3 will prolly be played from the cloud on any device.

Even this new PS4, is using cloud computing for backwards compatibility, its inevitable!

By ShieTar on 2/28/2013 8:12:51 AM , Rating: 2
You see, I just don't see that happening. Neither Blizzard, nor Arenanet nor TRION show any signs of running for the consoles, and Firaxis also have a clear idea of what makes sense on consoles and what needs to be on the PC.
And its not like there were thousands of games developed with that kind of budget for the PC 15 years ago. The consoles are just a bigger market that popped up besides us, the PC market itself may have lost the shares of shooters and sportsgames it held for a short while, but the core of the PC gaming market has survived basically untouched.

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