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He envisions playing PS4 games on all his devices, with the main experience on the big screen and smaller sections on mobile screens

Sony's PlayStation 4 event last week shed some light on the new console, but also left many questions unanswered. But a Sony exec recently sat down with The Guardian to fill in some of the gaps.

Shuhei Yoshida, Sony's head of worldwide studios who helped with the development of the PS4, talked about the PS4's role in the console ecosystem, the relevance of consoles in an increasingly mobile world and why Sony didn't produce hardware at last week's event.

According to Yoshida, the PS4 will be all about connectivity. This means that social aspects will be included in the gaming process through one simple application download, where users with iOS and Android devices can easily connect. Having access to the PS4 from anywhere on any device can help in other areas of gaming too, such as downloading a large, 50GB game. If one were to do this at home, it would take hours before the gamer could actually play. But if they connected to PS4 while still at work and started the download then, it will be ready for them once they arrive.

"In a couple of years I'd like to be playing PS4 games on all my devices, with the main experience on the big screen, and smaller sections on mobile screens… It will all be connected," said Yoshida.

While mobile devices can help create a connected environment for the console, it's a growing popular belief that the console doesn't even need to be apart of it since gaming, social networking, etc. can be accessed on the mobile devices themselves -- on the go. Yoshida said consoles still play a major role in gaming as long as the console is better than the tablet, smartphone, etc. as far as gameplay and graphics.

"Seriously, unless we show something unique and amazing, consumers won't be interested in dedicated hardware because they can play on devices they already own,” said Yoshida. “So if the experience on PS4 is not greater than tablet, why bother? It's our responsibility to provide that, with the hardware and system features as well as game development."

Yoshida said Sony is definitely working on gameplay for PS4 by offering titles beyond just driving and shooting games (which still dominate the console) and then offering titles of interest to the gamers based on past preferences.

Games are definitely a huge part of PS4, but there was one burning question that many gamers had on their minds after the PS4 event: where's the console?

"We have not finalised the hardware yet and decided not to try to get it finished in time," said Yoshida. "Also, it's a long time from February to launch, we have to design our communication in phases. Our focus here was to show some games and talk about the key principles – we wanted to save the unveiling of the actual console."

Sony announced last week that the PS4 would launch in November of this year for a starting price of $429.

Source: The Guardian

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RE: Good starting price
By timothyd97402 on 2/26/2013 3:30:00 PM , Rating: 2
Consoles may be on the way out but not because of PC gaming. Game sales are quite clear on the matter; PC gaming waaay behind console gaming and losing ground.

If anything people are spending more time on their tablets and phones these days.

RE: Good starting price
By Reclaimer77 on 2/26/2013 3:42:10 PM , Rating: 2
That's only half the story. A lot of major PC titles right now are "Free to play" but with an optional cash shop. It turns out companies make even MORE profit with this model than traditional ones. Planetside 2, Path of Exile etc etc.

I don't have the numbers here in front of me, but sorry, there's just no way more money is in console gaming than the PC side.

RE: Good starting price
By augiem on 2/26/2013 5:22:57 PM , Rating: 2
Actually he's right. Why else would the vast majority of AAA titles be designed for the consoles first, and then the PC afterwards. Just take a look at the ESA's report, page 10. In 2011, Computer Games only accounted for sales of $450 million, whereas console Video Games accounted for sales of $8.8 billion. Now I don't know if that includes in-game purchases or not, but console games have those too now. It's pretty cut and dry. Consoles are still the sales king. However "Other" is almost as big, being cell phones and tablets, which are essentially another form of console.

RE: Good starting price
By augiem on 2/26/2013 5:26:28 PM , Rating: 2
I see, "other delivery formats" includes all digital downloads over all systems, PC, consoles, etc. So PC digital sales and subscriptions would fall under "Other", as would console digital sales and phone/tablet sales. So even if you were to say the entire "Other" category belonged to the PC (which it does not), it still would not equal the consoles' sales numbers.

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