Faked NAND clearly shows painted over OCZ logo  (Source: The SSD Review)
KingFast, OCZ, and Micron all affected by counterfeit product sent to a reviewer

Having been the guy behind the computer screen for a number of product reviews over the years, I can tell you firsthand how embarrassed PR folks from various companies get if you should run into a problem with the product they've sent you.
I can only imagine that the people at SSD maker KingFast are utterly humiliated after reports have begun making the rounds at the company sent out a counterfeit SSD with fake memory chips inside The SSD Review.

Apparently, this is the first instance of this sort of thing ever happening with an SSD. The SSD Review also says that Micron and OCZ are victims here as far as the counterfeit NAND memory. The site does point out that it doesn't believe any of the companies had knowledge of or intent to produce or distribute counterfeit SSDs. The product in question is a KingFast F3 Plus 240GB SSD that The SSD Review says was received in a sealed factory box directly from the manufacturer.

The reviewer says that they were tipped off that something wasn't quite right with the original SSD they received performed poorly and when KingFast sent out another drive that scored considerably higher on benchmarks. The publication says that it was later discovered that SSDs from KingFast exclusively used Intel memory no matter the model.

Further inspection of photographs taken for the review revealed that the NAND in the suspect drive had been covered with some sort of black coating on top to hide the OCZ logo and rebranded as a Micron module. The ensuing investigation determined that KingFast had received a batch of memory from a new supplier in December 2012, which was used to produce about 30 SSDs all of which were found and recalled.

Source: The SSD Review

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