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New device to be unveiled in New York City

If you're a fan of Samsung's Galaxy smartphones, you will be glad to hear the latest rumor making the rounds. Sources are indicating that Samsung is set to announce its next high-end smartphone called the Galaxy S IV on March 14. The mid-March introduction date was unveiled started with a tweet from Eldar Murtazin.

Murtazin wrote, "Save the date for a big announcement - March 14 :) And keep silence ;) HTC will miss HTC One sales again :( Like it was in 2012."

The Verge backs up that tweet, stating that March 14 is "definitely" the day that Samsung will be unveiling its latest generation flagship smartphone.

Another interesting tidbit that comes from the sources claiming to be familiar with Samsung's plans is that the manufacturer will focus on features rather than raw specifications.

The sources said, "The leap in cool new features from [Galaxy S III] to the next flagship will be bigger." That would seemingly mean that the leap and features would be bigger between the S III and S IV that it was between the S II and the S III.

Source: The Verge

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RE: i like my S3 but..
By Falacer on 2/19/2013 12:06:06 PM , Rating: 2
I haven't seen too much of poor battery life on my S3. I dont have to keep it plugged in all day at work like I did with my old phone.

Although I must mention I dont use my S3 for "everything" now that I have my Nexus 7 tablet. In fact other than some educational apps for my girls I dont have any games on my S3 at all.

RE: i like my S3 but..
By xti on 2/19/2013 1:33:21 PM , Rating: 2
i hear ya - i definitely am doing "everything on it" - a lil sports radio streaming, a quick game on the toilet, text/call often, etc.

I know its good use, but our expectations of battery life shouldn't be compromised just because its a Samsung, i am suprised that more people don't complain about it...

now i'm wondering if my phone is a lil' defective lol.

RE: i like my S3 but..
By Jeffk464 on 2/19/2013 5:38:14 PM , Rating: 2
I run Waze GPS software which requires the screen to be on(for some reason) and play podcasts all day long. I can only go for about 2 hours without it being plugged in.

RE: i like my S3 but..
By Disorganise on 2/20/2013 7:24:10 AM , Rating: 2
I find the battery life amazing compared to my old HTC. I use GPS (Sygic) for 2-2.5 hours a day (so screen on etc). plus periodically checking mail, whatsapp, facebook etc. Admittedly very little 'phone' function since I'm currently living in Indonesia where mobile phone call quality is awful - hence sticking with whatsapp etc.
I only charge overnight and get home with 10-30% battery left. I did buy a spare battery but have only needed to use it once!
My old Sensation was lucky to get an hour of GPS out of it before it was flat - basically it was unusable unless plugged in to charge.
Having said that, more battery life is always welcome :)

My wife got the S3 first and loves it - and she's somewhat painful when it comes to phones. It's sooo good the Galaxy tab is now on the cards to replace the Asus Transformer Prime - the latter being laggy too often with scrolling stuff. She was originally looking at the new iPad to replace the Asus (which I'll inherit) but not now.
I got the S3 over Christmas and am blown away by how fast and smooth at everything it is.

The only beef I have is that the music player won't recognise mp3's stored on a removable micro SD. Seems you either need to copy them to the on board SD, or use another player (which I've done).

The only fly in the ointment now is google:

RE: i like my S3 but..
By Reclaimer77 on 2/19/2013 6:15:05 PM , Rating: 2
The S3 has a giant 720p
screen. There's only so much that can be done on battery life. If you're using it as much as you say, what do you expect?

RE: i like my S3 but..
By Milliamp on 2/19/2013 6:52:02 PM , Rating: 2
Samsung has a ton of different models of Android phones in all kinds of sizes and price points. I think an S3 Maxx (thicker with larger battery) would be popular with a lot of people.

It would have the potential to be their 2nd or 3rd most popular model. It makes sense to me. Everything else has gotten amazing and battery life has remained mostly the same.

"Folks that want porn can buy an Android phone." -- Steve Jobs
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