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New Windows Phone update is also in store

Windows 8 sales have been mixed, with Microsoft Corp. (MSFT) seeing strong OEM support and moving a lot of licenses, but struggling in sales -- particularly among enthusiasts.  At the root of the controversy is the rich graphical GUI formerly known as "Metro", which today is referred to as Windows 8 UI.  

There've been unconfirmed rumors that a Windows 8 update code-named Windows Blue was in store for later this year or early next year.  Now those rumors have seemingingly been confirmed, and Microsoft has dropped an indication that it make respond to criticism and tweak the UI.

In a job posting, first noted by Charon at, Microsoft seeks an experienced software engineer, writing:

We’re looking for an excellent, experienced SDET to join the Core Experience team in Windows Sustained Engineering (WinSE). The Core Experience features are the centerpiece of the new Windows UI, representing most of what customers touch and see in the OS, including: the start screen; application lifecycle; windowing; and personalization. Windows Blue promises to build and improve upon these aspects of the OS, enhancing ease of use and the overall user experience on devices and PCs worldwide.

In a second post, Twitter user @h0x0d (Walking Cat on Twitter) notes a second post, pertaining to Windows Phone Blue:

Windows Phone Blue

Excel MX is expected to OneNote MX and Lynx MX as a touch-optimized offering available from the Windows Store.

ZDNet's Mary Jo Foley indicates Microsoft is gunning hard to try to deliver the UI and services overhaul by the end of this upcoming summer.  The refresh is expected to be the first cross platform push for Microsoft's new unified strategy; Windows 8, Windows Phone 8, Windows Server 2012, Hotmail, and SkyDrive will all receive similar makeovers.

Windows 8 UI critics shouldn't get too excited -- the new UI isn't expected to bring back the "Start" button, a perpetual criticism of the Windows 8 UI.

A major focus of the Blue update is to improve APIs to make it easier to design an app that works with only a few modifications, on both Windows 8 and Windows Phone.

Sources: Microsoft [1], [2 via Twitter]

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RE: Brace yourselves....
By p05esto on 2/18/2013 8:19:45 PM , Rating: 2
Agreed. If MS keeps pissing me off I will also move to Linux. Watch the tech/geek crowd flow to Linux like a great tidal wave, it will be enormous! And where the techs go the average folks always follow, ALWAYS. The techs recommend to their family and friends, coworkers, etc. Stupid MS, get your head out of your ASS!

RE: Brace yourselves....
By Fritzr on 2/19/2013 7:52:39 PM , Rating: 2
Followed by the support requests..
Why doesn't <MS only> work on my new <Greatest Linux ever!> computer?
I need to install <not supported by Linux> on my <Greatest Linux ever!> that I just bought. Can you help me?
I need to configure this new program, but it tells me to select options without telling me what I can choose. Can you help me? (Linux is famous for assuming that users know where the documentation can be found and how to follow unmentioned connections to other references...Yes Windows help can be just as bad, but the software assumes a much lower level of technical expertise)

Remember that the target market for new applications and devices is the dominant OS. Everything else is an afterthought. Exceptions are niche targeted devices that are often adaptations of things available for the dominant market. Exceptions exist for companies that make their rep by specializing in niche OSes such as Unix compatible or Apple OSes, but they are exceptional cases.

If you actually handle family & friends support, you can fill the list easily. If not then just consider everything you have done adding things to the package you picked up at the store and imagine people without your training trying the same thing.

"And boy have we patented it!" -- Steve Jobs, Macworld 2007

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