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Service is available for Chrome, Firefox, and Safari users to test, supports public (unencrypted) sharing

BitTorrent, Inc. -- today a legitimate business who's come to an uneasy truce with big media -- has announced an interesting new service called SoShare.

Currently in beta, the service is free to use and uses the company's titular protocol to transfer files of "any" size, up to 1 TB.  The browser plug-in works with Apple, Inc.'s (AAPL) Safari, Google Inc.'s (GOOG) Chrome, and the Mozilla Foundation's Firefox browser.  Users can easily check up on their file transfers, including pausing them or resuming them.

When users receive a file, they receive and email notification.  Once approved, the file will start downloading via torrent.  You can also publicly share files, via a public link.  This will allow you to share big files on Twitter or Facebook Inc.'s (FB) ubiquitous social network.

In-browser BitTorrent clients are nothing new, and every major email client has built in attachment capability these days, most with large size limits.  The advantage here is that the asynchronous nature of the communication allows you to simply send a large file without having to wait for it to upload and attach.  And the browser integration increases ease of use and legitimacy, versus alternatives such as creating a torrent and uploading it to The Pirate Bay, or other popular piracy-heavy sites.

Other services such as DropBox, YouSendIt, SugarSync, Kim Dotcom's Mega, etc. have browser plug-ins, but many have stricter file caps and require you to fully upload the file in one swoop. BitTorrent's approach divides the file up into chunks and shuffles those chunks to the destinations whenever you're online.

SoShare allows bigger transfer sizes, easy transfer management and asynchronous uploads.

BitTorrent says it is working on encryption for the service.  It did not discuss its plans to police the sharing for infringement, but it likely has come to some sort of understanding on the issue (at least to respect takedown notices), given its media backing., Inc.'s (AMZN) EC2 cloud computing service is reportedly serving as the caching backbone for SoShare.  BitTorrent currently offers another somewhat similar service -- a cloud syncing tool called simply "Sync".  Like SoShare, Sync is an experimental service from BitTorrent Labs.

Sources: BitTorrent, SoShare

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Somebody needs to take one for the team...
By V-Money on 2/16/2013 5:57:13 PM , Rating: 3
...I think to save everyone time and money I will send my entire music collection through this service to everyone on the planet. Luckily I have Fios so it shouldn't be a problem on my end. I figure with the current population of 6,973,738,433 and I have 8323 songs so with the lawsuit against me of $22,500/song I will have a $187,267,500 fine placed against me. This will save everyone else the trouble of dealing with the lawsuits.

I think this is kind of a cool idea, but seems limited in usefulness for the general populace. I might actually use it for some purposes, but I doubt I will ever come close to the 1TB limit.

By GulWestfale on 2/17/2013 9:52:15 AM , Rating: 3
so you're saying your porn folder is smaller than 1TB?

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