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He also wants to ban styrofoam

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is expected to bring some new ideas to the table at his State of the City address, including a push for more electric vehicle (EV) parking.

At the State of the City address, which will take place today at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, Mayor Bloomberg will propose the addition of parking spaces specifically for EVs. In fact, he wants 20 percent of any new parking added to the city to be EV-only, where the appropriate charging cables will be available for an easy hook-up. The city makes about 10,000 new spots annually.

Residents have already started speaking out about the idea, either saying that there aren't enough EVs in the city to justify the proposal or that it will likely increase adoption.

Mayor Bloomberg has been a major EV advocate in NYC. In 2007, he set a goal to make 13,000 of NYC's taxi's hybrids by 2012 in a project called the "Taxi of Tomorrow." In 2011, Mayor Bloomberg and Nissan Americas Chairman Carlos Tavares announced that the Nissan NV200 had been selected as the "Taxi of Tomorrow."

By the end of 2011, it was announced that the city would receive six Nissan Leaf EV taxis in 2012.

In addition to his EV push, Mayor Bloomberg will also propose the banning of styrofoam and the increase of recycling by 30 percent by 2017 at today's State of the City address.

The proposals will have to be approved by City Council, which could take a couple of months.

Source: CBS New York

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RE: Awesome!
By Moishe on 2/15/2013 1:34:32 PM , Rating: 2
They're loving their prison. Like a monkey born and raised in a zoo, they probably wouldn't know what to do with freedom. It's pathetic.

RE: Awesome!
By M'n'M on 2/15/2013 4:32:04 PM , Rating: 2
20 or so years ago I went to eat with some friends in a city even more socialist than NYC (Cambridge, MA). We waited a good hour for seats. Not unexpected on a Friday night. Once seated I was amazed at the amount of empty tables given the line and waiting time. They remained empty during our meal. I asked the waiter "Why the empty tables ?". The answer dumbfounded me. Per city ordinance 15% (IIRC) of the tables had to be reserved for non-alcoholic patrons. I said "Huh, you mean like AA ???". He said, "No, we're not allowed to serve alcohol to people seated at any of those tables."

I can only hope that in the intervening years the local businesses applied enough pressure to get the rules changed but I've not eaten in Cambridge since then. Not planning to anytime in the future either.

If Bloomberg wasn't such an arse he'd have offered up some help to add charging stations to existing parking structures instead of impeding the growth and adding to the cost of new ones.

RE: Awesome!
By Ammohunt on 2/18/2013 3:18:50 PM , Rating: 2
Its something i wonder about seriously why anyone would choose to live that way? In a big expensive dirty city with people living on top of people. Like you say they don't know any better in the west were i live the cost of living is a quarter of what it is in NYC and in less that 20 minutes of driving i can be in a place free from nearly all signs of humanity.

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