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"Jill, here's a lockpick. It might be handy if you, the master of unlocking, take it with you" -- Barry

It's been a turbulent couple of months for Apple, Inc. (AAPL).  While Apple fans still abound and sales remains strong, the iPhone 5 launch was marred with shocking bugs which included cameraconnectivity, and battery life issues.  And then there was the Maps debacle, which was so bad that Apple CEO Tim Cook personally apologized to fans, telling them to use Google Inc.'s (GOOG) superior (or functional) products.  There've been shareholder lawsuits over Apple's profit hording and a dramatic plunge in stock prices after margins slid in Q4 2012.

Now there is a security flaw in iOS 6.1 that allows users to simply punch in a series of virtual and hard button presses to unlock an iPhone, bypassing the security passcode.  The instructions are seen below in the YouTube video by VideosDeBarraquito:

A text version of the unlock is as follows:

First part:
-Go to emergency call, push down the power button and tap cancel.
-Dial 112 and tap green and inmediately (sic) red.
-Go to lock screen.

Ok...ready for second part:
-Go to passcode screen.
-Keep pushing down the power button ...1...2...3...seconds and before showing the slider "turn off"...tap the emergency call button and ...voilá!
-Then without releasing the power button press the home button and ready...

With Apple currently working on fixing a Microsoft Exchange bug that it also introduced with iOS 6.1, it's unknown if this exploit will be patched at the same time.

Sources: YouTube, Gizmodo UK

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RE: It's
By Tony Swash on 2/15/2013 1:27:07 PM , Rating: 1
Well, what happens in your sick twisted little world when/if Apple ever becomes the most widely used OS ?

The iOS installed base is already 40% of the Window installed base but no malware.

Well, what happens in your sick twisted little world when/if Apple ever becomes the most widely used OS ? Don't you think that all the malware/spyware/trojans/viruses will migrate over to iOS/OSX ?

No it won't. The reason Windows became the vector for criminal malware was because it had a very poor security structure through many of it's earlier versions, versions which are still used by hundreds of millions of people. Once the Windows based malware community was firmly established and flourishing it became almost impossible to kill. Windows orientated malware is just a fact of life for the Windows community. Malware on PCs is and will always remain a Windows based phenomena, Everything I had said about Windows also applies to Android in the mobile arena.

MacOSX and iOS are both based on inherently very secure unix and have always had more robust security than Windows and Android. iOS, the operating system that will within a relatively short time period have a bigger installed base than Windows, is doubly protected by the App Store system of curated software. Ridiculously dopey fandroids actually complain about software curation in the Apple App store whilst simultaneously championing the platform which is the vector for 90% plus of all mobile malware. The only one metric in which the Android platform out performs the iOS platform is in malware.

RE: It's
By momorere on 2/15/2013 2:19:58 PM , Rating: 2
It took you a day to put a spin on it. Started to think that you'd just ignore it as usual. As I've told you before, the reason Windows has been the target of malware/trojans and such is due to its dominance in the OS market and same thing for Android. Targeting OSX/iOS would be like robbing a house in the ghetto, i.e. NOTHING to gain. When/if iOS/OSX ever surpasses Windows, there will be an instant HUGE increase of attacks targeting it. It is just plain logic at work. Crooks/thieves go where the money is. Also with the tech know-how of the average Apple user, such attacks will be even more successful than on Windows.

I know it is truly hard for you to accept any sort of logic dealing towards your beloved but it is reality no matter how you try and spin it. Here we all knew Steve was an off-the-wall sociopath that bent reality to fit his view of the world. You are just as bad if not worse.

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