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All price changes and spec updates are available now

Apple is looking to lure customers to its MacBook line by reducing prices and increasing specs on some of its higher-end models.

Apple announced today that it is cutting prices on its MacBook Pros with Retina display and even a MacBook Air model.

The 13-inch MacBook Pro with Retina display and 128GB of flash will now start at $1,499 (previously $1,699) while the model with 256GB of flash and a 2.6 GHz processor will start at $1,699 (previously $1,999).

The 13-inch MacBook Air with 256GB of flash also saw a price drop to $1,399.

The 15-inch MacBook Pro with Retina display didn't see a price cut this round, but it did get a bump in specs. This model now offers a 2.4 GHz quad-core processor (previously 2.3 GHz) while the top-of-the-line version has a 2.7 GHz quad-core processor (previously 2.6 GHz) and 16GB of memory. The price remains the same at $2,799.

Apple is likely reducing prices ahead of a refreshed line of MacBook devices. All price changes and spec updates are available now.

Source: Apple

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RE: Wow!
By rob19478 on 2/14/2013 6:06:42 AM , Rating: 2
The 640 is rubbish, less then a 100 euro video card way below my standards for work and gaming, for the rest are very good specs and I really into those high res monitors since I work on Photoshop, and aftereffects for most of my day. Aftereffects is very cpu and graphics intensive it would cripple any I7 without a decent video card

As monitor I use 2 dell 27 inch IPS monitors at 2.5k res they pretty cheap around 800 euro but they don't support usb3 so probably I will be replacing them with the 2013 model.

As for my laptop monitor is 18.4 inch, 1080p monitor quite crisp but still I am never able to get work done on it since the monitor is too small for Photoshop/Webdesign (still I wonder how people manage to work on 15 inch screens), so I only use my laptop for word processing / email etc.

"Game reviewers fought each other to write the most glowing coverage possible for the powerhouse Sony, MS systems. Reviewers flipped coins to see who would review the Nintendo Wii. The losers got stuck with the job." -- Andy Marken

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