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Musk said he'll publish the driving log soon

Sources: Bloomberg, The New York Times

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By Solandri on 2/12/2013 5:09:27 PM , Rating: 2
I don't get it... It seems all of the complaining and whining about electric is because it's electric?

I don't see how people can even try to compare a purely electric vehicle with gasoline engines -- I mean, isn't it obvious by now that EVs are not gasoline? That buying an EV means you have to charge it regularily, drive it sensibly, and follow directions?

I find it hard that an automotive journalist would be so pig headed as to treat this car as 'just another car'. Because it's clearly not.

It's the EV proponents who see it as whining and complaining. Most of it is just comparison.

See, 99.99% of people have experience driving gasoline cars. 0.01% have experience driving electric cars. If you're reviewing an electric car and want to write a review which 99.99% of people can relate to and understand, you compare it to gasoline cars. The NYT writer wasn't writing an article for you, the guy who knows all about EVs. He was writing it for the 99.99% of people who know nothing about EVs.

The lack of a 5 minute quick-charge is a drawback which needs to be stressed in every EV car review until EVs are common enough that it's just "common knowledge". The EV proponents don't like it when it's mentioned, but that's their bias getting in the way. It'd be grossly negligent for a review to fail to mention it when it's something every gasoline car driver who reads the review takes for granted. When the horseless carriage was first introduced, I imagine there were similar newspaper reviews stressing that if you let it run out of gas, it would completely die and leave you stranded. Unlike a tired horse which could be coaxed into traveling a few miles further.

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