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Keys is BlackBerry's new creative director for the BlackBerry 10 devices/software

BlackBerry may have thought it had an edge when it brought Alicia Keys onboard as the creative director for the new BlackBerry 10 devices/software, but the R&B singer-songwriter has already cheated on the brand with Apple.

Keys recently told The New York Times that she exclusively uses BlackBerry 10 devices now that she's the creative director of the line. However, it looks like Twitter busted Keys with an Apple device today.

Keys posted a tweet earlier today saying, "Started from the bottom now we're here!" However, the tweet was sent via the Twitter for iPhone app (as indicated in the screenshot below).

When the tweet started making its way around the Web, Keys posted yet another tweet saying, "What the h*ll?!!!! Looks like I've been hacked...I like @Drake but that wasn't my tweet :-("

While it's not so weird for celebrities to promote a product while using competing devices, this particular situation is a bit more interesting considering Keys has a paid position on the actual BlackBerry team; not just a promoter.

Source: The Verge

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RE: and what exactly do they expect her to do?
By SeeManRun on 2/12/2013 10:42:43 AM , Rating: 3
Man, that is some crazy luck. The guy mentioned mensa, a reasonably exclusive club, and the guy he was mentioning it to happens to be a former member! What are the odds of that?

Seriously, can you calculate the odds please?

By GulWestfale on 2/13/2013 11:40:16 AM , Rating: 2
mensa accepts th etop 2% of the population, according to their own test (which is not a 'real' IQ test as only qualified psychologists/psychiatrists can dminister those). thus, one out of every 50 people qualifies, so the odds aren't nearly as bad as you think, and mensa membership is not not nearly as rare or exclusive as you think.

as for me, i was never a mensa member, but a member of the international high iq society. i joined together with a friend, hoping to network with other people who would have similar interests as myself, but instead we found a deserted forum (that everyone can sign up for, not only people who have passed their test), an annual chess tournament, and an annual meeting somewhere in new york which only a handful of people bother to attend.

mensa is a bit better organized (more activities, including motorcycle tours and the occasional dinner party), but hanging out with smug morons who think they're better than the rest of the world when a) they're only 1 in 50 and b) they pay money to play sudoku and go to restaurants when i can do that FOR FREE is not what i want to do in my spare time.

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