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He said normal, everyday people wouldn't notice a difference between 3G and 4G

Vodafone's CEO referred to 4G connectivity as a feature that only "technofreaks" are worried about.

Vodafone CEO Vittorio Colao discussed how UK digital communications company EE's 4G network has impacted Vodafone's business in the UK during a media conference call earlier this week.

According to Colao, customers wouldn't notice a difference between 3G data speeds using HSPA+ and 4G network speeds -- hence, 4G isn't a necessary network feature.

“I haven’t seen any figures but when I visited an EE store to see how fast it was all I saw was technofreaks in there," said Colao. "I haven’t heard any calls from friends, colleagues of businesses that we need this fast internet. With the increase in data speeds of HSPA+ (a faster version of 3G), an early LTE network won’t be much different.”

Source: Mobile News

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For True 4G he might be right -- today
By Shadowself on 2/8/2013 9:43:54 PM , Rating: 2
If (unlikely, but what if) he is referring to LTE Advanced which meets the initial ITU definition of 4G then for TODAY he's probably right. Extremely few people today need the kind of information throughput that LTE-A can provide.

However, things change, people are constantly getting more information hungry. People are using devices that have features that require more data (not just information) to make them work.

AT&T is supposedly going to start rolling out a LTE-A capability before the end of this calendar year. Within two years people will be looking at LTE-A the same way they look at LTE now and LTE will be viewed as we view 3G now. It's a seemingly endless progression that won't stop for several more years.

Will it ever stop? Yes, simply because physics says it must. However, that limit is a bit of a ways off into the future.

By jabber on 2/9/2013 7:15:34 AM , Rating: 2
The issues is that its all so political and not aimed at helping the consumer at all.

The roll-out out of 3G globally has meant after ten years its at a point where it's 'almost good enough but not quite'.

Seems to depend which way the wind is blowing. Hence why my enthusiasm for 4G is a little muted. By 2023 it will also be 'nearly good enough'.

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