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BlackBerry Z10
More security coming to BlackBerry World

If you're a big BlackBerry fan that's looking forward to getting your hands on a BlackBerry 10 smartphone, you will be able to look forward to increased security in the near future. BlackBerry announced this week that it's working with Trend Micro to expand the protection that it already offers to users against malware and other privacy issues.

BlackBerry says that part of its multi-level approach to address the privacy and security concerns of BlackBerry users will include the incorporation of the Trend Micro Mobile Application Reputation Service. The Trend Micro application is cloud-based and works for both current and new applications submitted to BlackBerry World.

"BlackBerry is working with Trend Micro to implement a more robust approach for addressing privacy and security concerns related to third-party applications," said Adrian Stone, Director, BlackBerry Security Response and Threat Analysis at BlackBerry.  

"The volume of malicious and high-risk mobile apps are on the rise across the industry, which is why we applaud BlackBerry's commitment to protecting their customers against these emerging mobile threats," said Kevin Simzer, Vice President of Corporate Development and Alliances, Trend Micro. "With the speed that cybercriminals are targeting new platforms and applications, Trend Micro and BlackBerry's strategic collaboration is natural and timely for the security of end users. Together, the two companies can further secure and enhance BlackBerry customers' mobile experience."

BlackBerry Q10

Trend Micro says that it has scanned and evaluated over 2 million mobile applications using its reputation service. The cloud software analyzes application code in behavior to identify risks from malware and data leaks. The application also protects against the abuse of battery power, memory, and data resources.

Source: BlackBerry

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By Uncle on 2/5/2013 1:01:28 PM , Rating: 2
Any reason BB can't run third party apps in a sandbox. Just an idea.

RE: SandBox
By Trisped on 2/6/2013 4:54:30 PM , Rating: 2
The cloud software analyzes application code in behavior to identify risks from malware and data leaks. The application also protects against the abuse of battery power, memory, and data resources.
Sandboxing protects the device from alteration, it does not protect against data leaks, abuse of battery power, or abuse of memory. Sandboxes can also limit the data the app has access to, but if the app needs access to your personal data (or you input it yourself) than there is nothing the sandbox can do to prevent its miss use.

The sandbox model is good, but it does not prevent all problems.

RE: SandBox
By inf-rno on 2/7/2013 5:45:49 AM , Rating: 2
Actually all BB10 apps are in a sandbox

By retrospooty on 2/5/2013 11:47:14 AM , Rating: 1
Trend has a great enterprise deployment/monitoring package, so it makes sense why BB went with them, but the protection is completely weak. Trend consistently misses things that other AV's catch, and when a new exploit comes out it takes Trend 4-6 months or longer to finally fix it so their PC's are protected... Leaving IT depts screwed for the entire period dealing with it.

I hope their phone stuff is stronger, but I highly doubt it.

RE: Meh...
By Trisped on 2/6/2013 5:07:26 PM , Rating: 2
I have not had those issues. Most of the time TrendMicro found the same viruses everything else did. Yes, there were times when it would take TrendMicro months after identifying a virus to remove it, but I have had the same problem with all the antivirus software I have used (Norton, McAfee, TrendMicro, Kaspersky, and MS Security Essentials).

I use to get really upset, then I realized that all the AV software was missing some of them, but usually not the same ones. I would also get false positives sometimes. As a result I usually check files I am not sure about at and . If they all say the file is clean then either their are no viruses, or the virus is so new nobody recognizes it yet. These scans are of course in addition to my active AV software.

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