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Strategy Analytics found that Apple shipped about 17.7 million phones for the fourth quarter

A new report from Strategy Analytics shows that Apple was the No. 1 phone vendor in the U.S. for Q4 2012.

According to the report, which was conducted by Strategy Analytics' Wireless Device Strategies service, Apple became the No. 1 mobile phone vendor for the first time in the fourth quarter of 2012. It grabbed about 34 percent of the market in that three-month period.

Strategy Analytics found that Apple shipped about 17.7 million phones for the fourth quarter, which was a healthy increase from 12.8 million shipped and 25 percent of the market share in Q4 2011.

The report noted that Samsung, the hardware maker for many popular Android smartphones, was nipping at Apple's heels with 16.8 million mobile phone shipments in the fourth quarter, giving it 32 percent of the market share. This was a nice 5 percent jump for Samsung from Q4 2011.

LG landed in third place with about 4.7 million phone shipments and 9 percent of the market share in Q4.

Mobile phone shipments overall grew 4 percent for the quarter compared to Q4 2011, jumping from 50.2 million to 52 million in the U.S.

Source: Strategy Analytics

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RE: Tony 's happy, Mototroll weeps and cries
By Reclaimer77 on 2/3/2013 12:20:21 PM , Rating: 0
I've said it many times, pros and cons. Its all about compromise, just like with any platform. Don't pretend I haven't said otherwise. :)

Yeah you always SAY that, then spend 99% of your time lobbying for Apple while slamming Android. Hello?

My only real issue is when people immediately write off an iOS device because they don't have things like replaceable batteries or SD card expansion, when that is a direct result of engineering constraints

Engineering constraints my ass. The iPhone is a brick. It must be three times thicker than the Razr, for example, and somehow THEY can fit an SD card slot in it.

Apple makes an ungodly profit margin on memory "upgrade" models, that's why SD cards will never be on the iPhone. Why offer SD support when millions of people pay hundreds of dollars more for what amounts to $20 worth of extra memory?

Other things you mention like HDMI ports are quickly being made redundant with the advent of technologies like AirPlay and Miracast. Its an unnecessary slot that needlessly adds size to the device and will soon go away soon

Here we go again. Marginalize every plus with wacky Steve Jobs logic. Because Apple is your god, and if they say you don't need something while always paying MORE for less features, you believe it.

HDMI soon going away? And you're basing this on what exactly?

Silly me, I wasn't aware that 100% of all AVR receivers and televisions out there were Airplay and Miraplay compatible!!

Are you seriously not understanding the advantages of having an HDMI cable slot, which is 100% reliable and doesn't need wireless to be up and running?

In the end the positives of iOS outweigh the negatives for me

That's because you take any positives of Android, and dismiss them utterly and completely. Then take any negatives on Apple's part, and couch them as something else. You're incapable of objectively weighing pros and cons.

I cannot even describe how useful it's been having a big SD card in my phone all these years. I used to carry around those USB thumb drives (people do that, you know?). But to you, oh well, Apple doesn't need that so it's not a big deal.

If those benefits aren't for you then fine, but saying that "SD card expansion" or "micro USB" should supersede all of those positives for everybody is horribly smallminded.

Except for a lot of people, and I'm talking millions here, that is something called a "deal-breaker" . For me the iPhone is a non-starter based on that alone.

I don't think someone who claims HDMI is "going away soon" and who discounts removable storage can get away with calling others "small minded". Seriously, look in a mirror.

By hartleyb on 2/4/2013 9:14:48 AM , Rating: 1
Why is it that everytime there is a article on this website that is pro Apple we see all the Apple bashing. I have both an Android phone, and an Apple, and each has it's advantages, and disadvantages, but neither are by far close to being all things for all people. I could sit here and tell you the problems with each OS, but that seems to me to be very redundant. Apple will continue to have a large share of the market becuase it markets its devices to a particular segment of the market, Makers of Android devuices will do the same, but niether OS, or device, will ever meet needs of all users. So congratulations Apple this quarter your on top, next quarter it will be someone else!

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