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Games played a major part in the increased revenue for both parties

Game apps for iOS pummeled Android game apps when it came to revenue for the fourth quarter, but Android is growing quickly.

According to App Annie's Index, iOS games earned 3.5 times the revenue of Android games in Q4 2012. The iOS App Store increased its overall revenue by 20 percent from Q3 to Q4 2012 while the Google Play store doubled its app revenue in the same time period. However, iOS still raked in more cash.

The top revenue makers for iOS (ordered from 1-10 on the top 10 list) included apps by Electronic Arts (EA), Supercell, Gameloft, GREE, Inc., HungHo Online Entertainment, Zynga, Kabam, NHN Corp., SQUARE ENIX and Rovio Entertainment.

For the Google Play store, game companies occupied nine out of the top 10 list for best revenue-making apps. NHN Corp. held the No. 1 spot.

The top five countries contributing to iOS app revenue were the U.S., Japan, the UK, Australia and Canada. For the Google Play store, the top three were Japan, the U.S. and South Korea.

Source: Games Industry

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By TakinYourPoints on 2/1/2013 12:18:14 AM , Rating: 2
There are sales figures out there for phones sold as well. The iPhone 4S sold 30 million units in two months, less time than it took the GS3 to do the same. The GS3 outsold the iPhone the quarter before the iPhone 5 came out, 18 million against 16 million, but overall it sold fewer units while the iPhone 5 is selling even faster than the 4S. High sales can easily be inferred.

Using the GS3, a single device, is limited data but its still useful given how much more popular it is than other high end devices by HTC, Motorola, LG, etc, plus it is a high end device, not a low end featurephone running 2.x that isn't really used as much for applications or internet.

As for mobile ad traffic, here are smartphone-only figures from October, shortly after the iPhone 5 was released:,2817,2411091,

As a result, across its U.S. and Canadian network, 17 percent of Web traffic is coming from Samsung smartphones, 46 percent is coming from iPhones, and 37 percent is coming from other smartphones.

Chitika last week said it was impressed by the speed with which iPhone 5 traffic topped that of the Galaxy S III. It hit that milestone after only 18 days on the market, whereas the Galaxy S III has been on the market for several months.

Numbers for last quarter haven't been released (they have for the iPad, which makes up 80% of tablet web traffic), but I expect that the gap is even higher given how well the iPhone 5 has sold since its release.

Here is a direct comparison with the GS3 after being out for only 18 days:,2817,2410922,

56% iPhone 5 against 44% GS3 in under three weeks. Over 50 million iPhones have been sold since October.

I think its safe to assume that the iPhone makes up a good portion of iOS web traffic.

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