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Games played a major part in the increased revenue for both parties

Game apps for iOS pummeled Android game apps when it came to revenue for the fourth quarter, but Android is growing quickly.

According to App Annie's Index, iOS games earned 3.5 times the revenue of Android games in Q4 2012. The iOS App Store increased its overall revenue by 20 percent from Q3 to Q4 2012 while the Google Play store doubled its app revenue in the same time period. However, iOS still raked in more cash.

The top revenue makers for iOS (ordered from 1-10 on the top 10 list) included apps by Electronic Arts (EA), Supercell, Gameloft, GREE, Inc., HungHo Online Entertainment, Zynga, Kabam, NHN Corp., SQUARE ENIX and Rovio Entertainment.

For the Google Play store, game companies occupied nine out of the top 10 list for best revenue-making apps. NHN Corp. held the No. 1 spot.

The top five countries contributing to iOS app revenue were the U.S., Japan, the UK, Australia and Canada. For the Google Play store, the top three were Japan, the U.S. and South Korea.

Source: Games Industry

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RE: Wow
By Tony Swash on 1/31/2013 2:56:31 PM , Rating: -1
The people I know are about 70% Android and 30% iPhone. Majority of the Android people are hardware buffs and enjoy rooting and exploring roms. To that end there is some piracy. Another thing is that my google account is shared with 5 other people so they can access all the games I've paid for over the years. I'm sure this is true with most power users. The iOS people have zero clue about technology and don't use thier phone to it's potentail at all. They are stuck on FB or a social app and that's as far they take their "platform". And like it has been said. Alot of apps are free on android that are not on iOS.

That may all be trued in which case it merely supports the proposition that Android as a platform supports a smaller business stack and generates significantly less commercial activity, value and revenue flows than iOS.

Ultimately the success, failure or impact of a platform depends on what can sit on top of it and what can flourish on that platform, that's why we use the word 'platform' because it's something that other things stand on. This may make no difference to your individual use of Android and your habits of piracy but it does have a very big impact on the overall health and weight of the platform in the bigger tech ecosystem.

Android seems to punch below it's weight as a platform, as measured by installed devices, and iOS seems to punch above it's weight as a platform.

"We can't expect users to use common sense. That would eliminate the need for all sorts of legislation, committees, oversight and lawyers." -- Christopher Jennings

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