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2013 Ford Fusion Hybrid
The all-new 2013 Fusion Hybrid has proven be very popular for Ford

Ford has had very good luck with its hybrid vehicle sales over the last year. Ford announced recently that it had achieved an all-time high for its hybrid market share. Ford grew its share of the hybrid vehicle market almost 9% between December 2011 and December 2012.

Most of that growth came to the detriment of Toyota, which saw its share of the hybrid vehicle market decline 8%. Ford also announced an all-time monthly high for its Fusion Hybrid, which racked up 3,244 sales for the month of December.

Ford also says that it expects to have the best hybrid sales month in its history in January, projecting unit sales of 5,500. The automaker is attributing its current success to the fact that its Fusion Hybrid is better at attracting younger buyers compared to the Toyota Camry hybrid thanks to its more stylish design and abundance of in-car technology.

“We’re bringing new hybrid buyers into the market, many of whom wouldn’t be considered traditional hybrid buyers,” said Amy Marentic, marketing manager, Global Small and Medium Cars. “There’s a sense hybrid buyers represent a pragmatic or green ethic. Fusion Hybrid is scoring with these audiences, but the car also puts some excitement into the segment through design; it shows hybrids can have beautiful and sophisticated styling. This, in turn, means different buyers.”

Ford C-MAX Energi

The sales bonanza for Ford’s new hybrids comes despite the fact that owners and many publications – including Consumer Reports – have been unable to replicate the claimed 47mpg fuel economy rating of the Fusion Hybrid and C-MAX. Ford is currently under investigation by the EPA, and is the subject of a class action lawsuit regarding misleading fuel economy claims for both vehicles.

Source: Ford

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It's mostly about how you drive
By HATNBAK on 2/12/2013 8:44:53 PM , Rating: 2
I've experienced the 47 mpg and even higher on lots of individual drives, including highway, secondary roads, etc.

The optimal fuel economy is achieved through a balance of driving in gas mode, electric mode and using the regenerative braking. That happens seamlessly, so long as the lead-footing is kept to a minimum.

The biggest problem for a lot of people seems to be the Highway part of the MPG, since the car only operates in electric vehicle (EV) mode up to around 62 mph. So, if you can drive around that speed, you'll get around 47 or even higher. But if you drive for a long distance at 70 mph, you will only get around 38-40 mpg (which is what the car gets when driving in just gas mode at that kind of speed)

By the way, I have over 5000 miles on my car now (got it in October). Overall I've now driven 2000 of those miles in EV mode (it gives a convenient read-out). I was getting over 44 MPG cumulatively (including times when I drove fast, or otherwise aggressively and didnt max out the MPGs) until freezing weather hit, which impacts MPG. Still, for this size/weight car, I'm very happy to get double the mileage of my old car (an Audi).

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