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Wii U sales goals were reduced by 27 percent

While Nintendo managed to be profitable again in the first nine months of the fiscal year, it wasn't able to hit sales targets with its latest console, the Wii U.

For the first nine months of the fiscal year, Nintendo reported a net profit of 14.54 billion yen ($160 million USD) compared to a loss of 48.35 billion yen in the year-ago period. Revenue dropped 2.4 percent to 543.03 billion yen for the April to December 2012 period.

Profit was driven upward mainly due to lower production costs for its Nintendo 3DS handheld and a weaker yen.

For the three month quarter ending in December, Nintendo had sold 3.06 million Wii U consoles. It had previously forecasted sales of 5.5 million by March 2013, but has cut those predictions down to 4 million. It also cut Wii U software expectations by one-third to 16 million units.

Earlier this month, Nintendo President Satoru Iwata said that the Wii U sales are "not bad," but also mentioned that it isn't flying off of store shelves as quickly as the original Wii (mainly due to problems like the popularity of mobile devices for gaming and the fact that this is the first time Nintendo has released two versions of a console at once).

The Wii U launched November 18, 2012. The Basic Set ($299.99) features 8 GB HDD, a Wii U Pad controller and it in comes in white. The Deluxe model ($349.99), on the other hand, offers 32 GB HDD, a Wii U Pad controller, power cradles for the Wii U Pad, an HDMI cable and it comes in black.

Nintendo also reduced sales expectations for its 3DS, from 17.5 million to 15 million for the fiscal year. Nintendo originally sought 18.5 million earlier in the year.

Looking forward, Nintendo cut its sales forecast by 17 percent to 670 billion yen ($7.4 billion USD) for the fiscal year to March 2013. It predicts an operating loss of 20 billion yen from an earlier projection of 20 billion yen profit.

Source: Nintendo

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RE: Beginning of the end?
By Crazyeyeskillah on 1/30/2013 4:29:03 PM , Rating: 2
I honestly couldn't DISagree with the op any more. Gaming is still growing and evolving and while digital media may wane in the next 5-10 years, we are always going to need a console base to crunch those polygons.

Nintendo is the issue here, not consoles, as they have created something that many people feel has no actual benefit over their current wii, which almost every household in the demographic owns, (I have 2 at my house). The point of the original console was never the graphics so what's the point in upgrading them at all? My son wanted a tablet for XMAS so I bought him one, not a WII U. Also, the launch titles were possible the worst I've ever seen for any system and that includes the anemic launch of N64. I have some disposable income to play with but having played it at bestbuy for a little while i just didn't see anything interesting to warrant the purchase. . .yet. Watch for some AAA game releases to drive up sales in the next few years.

If you think the next XBOX is going to have any trouble selling consoles you are insane. There is an entire generation of gamers that grew up on XBOX/XBOX360 the same way we grew up on nintendo/sega.

I am honestly excited to see what sony and microsoft will be debuting this year and look foward to something new to bring the technology level along as is so sorely needed at this poing by consoles.

RE: Beginning of the end?
By Silver2k7 on 1/30/2013 5:44:28 PM , Rating: 2
I didn't really care much for the graphics of the original Wii... the updated graphis is what made me even consider getting the new one. Nintendo has a nostalgic place in my heart.. with the old 8-bit/16-bit. But the sucky graphic of the last one compared to other things avalible just didn't cut it.. I would have chosen a PS3 if anything of the last generation consols. But will be getting a Wii U soon :)

RE: Beginning of the end?
By talikarni on 1/30/2013 6:17:55 PM , Rating: 2
Growing up with the Atari and NES, I learned that most of the higher quality graphics gaming has been on the PC (once GPUs really started taking off), with consoles catching up every few years (then slowly falling behind again until the next big console release). Really, we can have DX11 now on PC, or wait until 2014-15 to get it on a console.

There are 2 mainstream gamer cores:
1) the ones who play for graphics that tend to stick with the PC (and very specific PS3 games, lets face it, HD gaming on 360 is a joke), and
2) the ones who play for fun and get a console that caters to their gaming needs regardless if it is the PSP, Wii or PS3.

I am a combo person, I like certain games to be great graphics as part of the adult fun (Resident Evil, Silent Hill, FF13, NFS), but otherwise I still play Mario Kart with the kids for fun, not graphics.

We have 2 Wiis but mostly for the kids games and Netflix. I did pick up a re-manufactured PS3 a few months ago and enjoying some of those titles (local garage sales with games like FF13 and NFS for $5) but I have had same or better graphics on PC games since before these consoles, so graphics are not as big to me anymore unless it affects or adds to the gameplay (like FF13 and NFS on my 1080p HDTV).

RE: Beginning of the end?
By chizow on 1/31/2013 9:56:53 AM , Rating: 2
I agree with much of your post, but the bit about graphics upgrades on the U being pointless missed the mark imo. Nintendo conceded the lack of 1080p hurt the Wii beyond the initial sales rush when compared to its contemporaries, as the big franchise titles didn't want to port to the Wii if it meant watering the graphics to handheld levels. The same titles have been backported to the Wii U and the upgraded graphic capabiliities were clearly an enabling factor.

I think the bigger point you allude to should have been mentioned in the original news story. I think sales of the Wii U are being hurt the most because any "last-gen" console owner is taking a wait and see approach with the expected launch of the next XBox and PS later this year. Current Wii owners that aren't completely disenfranchised from their previous purchase may go ahead and jump on board, but I think most will take a wait and see approach.

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