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HP Chromebook details leak

Acer was recently singing the praises of Google’s Chrome OS and strong sales for its Chromebook offerings in the face of uninspiring sales of Windows 8 computers. However, Acer isn't the only computer maker looking to get in on the rising popularity of Chrome.

A leaked document that turned up on HP's own website hints that it is set to get into the Chromebook market as well. The unannounced, $330 Pavilion 14-c010us Chromebook will have a  1.1 GHz Intel Celeron processor under the hood. That processor would be paired with 2 GB of RAM, a 16 GB SSD, and a 14-inch display (1366x768). 

The HP Pavilion 14-c010us Chromebook landing page before HP pulled the plug

The 14-inch screen would certainly set the machine apart from other Chromebooks on the market that feature smaller 11.6-inch screens. The larger screen does mean less battery life with HP's leaked document claiming a maximum runtime of four hours and 15 minutes. For comparison, Chromebooks from other manufacturers offer up to 7 hours of battery life.

The Verge reports that the document had an embargo date of February 17, so we’ll likely know more details along availability at that time.

Source: The Verge

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RE: time machine
By GulWestfale on 1/29/2013 11:32:19 AM , Rating: 2
true, the specs suck. but if they can sell this for 200-250 bucks, i might buy one. my sister in law watches general hospital (yeah, i know...) in the kitchen on an old toshiba that's about to give up the ghost, and my nephews like youtube. the only other things they'd need this for is facebook and maybe some light browsing.

for 250 bucks i'd rather have a new machine with no issues than some old crap off craigslist.

but if the price is higher than $250, it would no longer be worth it... so here's hoping that it won't be.

RE: time machine
By anactoraaron on 1/29/2013 12:27:08 PM , Rating: 1
for $250 you can get a gateway NE series laptop brand new... I got one at target last year for $250 (back to school sale) which I tricked out by switching the celeron to a pent 960 (got on ebay for $8) added an additional 4gb ram (8gb total) and threw in a warranty replacement ocz ssd. I spent less than $275 for a 2.1 pent dual core (2nd gen core) 8gb ram and a ssd - and it had win7 x64.

True, not everyone has a replacement ssd laying around but the default 320gb hdd isn't that bad considering the price.

But hey, don't let me talk you out of buying this overpriced (even at $200) piece of junk.

RE: time machine
By TakinYourPoints on 1/29/2013 7:44:10 PM , Rating: 2
Yeah, $330 is too much. Internals aside, the display, keyboard, and trackpad will also suck. If its going to be disposable then it should be priced accordingly, and $250 sounds good for something like that.

RE: time machine
By Samus on 1/29/2013 9:06:25 PM , Rating: 2
I think you'd be better off buying an HP Mini or DM1Z for $100-$150 on eBay. They run Windows 7, cost half as much, and do 10x more. Not to mention both have double the battery life.

RE: time machine
By TakinYourPoints on 1/30/2013 9:39:12 AM , Rating: 2
My concern is that it would do Windows 7 poorly. At least low end hardware running the much lower-overhead Chrome OS is going to be much smoother in comparison.

I'd rather spend more money on better Windows 7 hardware.

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